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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lancers of Lir Update Guide

This is your guide to the Lancers of Lir update in Celtic Heroes that starts December 2016. I'll be showing you revamped areas, quests, chests, mounts, pets, fashion, and mobs along with maps and info about each part of the event.

This update falls roughly on the Celtic winter holiday of Yule, which falls between Samhain (Fall) and Ostara (Spring). This event features mounted combat, additional fishing spots, and a revamped Lir's Reach. It is not a true seasonal update, as the only seasonal aspect of this patch are chests. No new bosses or luxury items are being introduced.

Mounted Combat

Ride epic mounts across the wildlands and strike down your enemies with ferocious swiftness. You can use your equipped mainhand and offhand weapons while riding!

Talk to Remus the Mount Vendor in Farcrag Castles Bailey to learn more.
  • Information
    • Mounted combat includes new wolves and bears 
    • You can use your equipped main hand and offhand weapons while riding
    • Mounts are equipped in a new "Stables" section of the inventory
    • Wolves have a damage skill
    • Bears have a sanctuary-type damage shield skill
  • How to Purchase
    • Mounts are purchased by obtaining mount tokens from chests and the bounty board
    • You trade mount tokens to Remus the Mount Vendor to purchase a combat mount
    • There are 4 different colored tiers of mounts, ranging from 1 token to 4 to buy
  • How to Upgrade
    • Mounts are bred in the same way that pets are.
    • The top mount is level 6, just the same as pets
    • It takes the same amount of mount tokens as pets to breed mounts.
  • How rare are mount tokens?
    • They have the same probability to drop from chests as pet tokens
  • I died. What happened to my mount?
    • When you die you become dismounted, and cannot use your mount
    • To summon your mount again, you can return to the castle bailey and talk to the NPC
    • To summon it away from the castle, you can use a Mount Whistle (from the plat store) to bring it back.

Shalemont and Stonevale Fishing

Expanded fishing content now includes Shalemont and Stonevale level 45 to 110 fishing spots. Heroes at fishing level 45 can talk to James Sanford for further quests. Includes two new bears.

Fishing Quests
Additional fishing quests have been added to Shalemont and Stonevale!
  • Thom Gifford in Shalemont gives:
    • Stuck in a Rudd
    • A Small Selection
    • Deadeye Redeye
    • Carp for Cantorix
    • Bringing in Barbel
    • The Shalemont Sampler
    • Prized From the Jaws
  • Morcan Lerner in Stonevale gives:
    • Breaming With Joy!
    • Another Bite for Bowen
    • All That Glitters…
    • Training on Trout
    • Stonevale Smorgasbord!
    • Down in the Dales
Pearl Ring Shop
A new vendor has appeared in Shalemont across from the lux shop, selling rings that add fishing power and concentration. All he asks is that you bring him pearls. 
  • Find pearls from fishing, and turn them in for fishing rings
  • There are 5 tiers of rings, each costing one more pearl than the last (1 then 2, then 3...)

Lir's Reach Re-design

The lands of Lirs Reach have changed! Explore the highlands and see how the lands have changed.

New Bounties - Post Level 200 / Bounty Rebalancing

Additional bounties for our strongest of heroes! Heroes above level 200 can visit the bounty board to accept these perilous quests.

All previous bounties have now been rebalanced, seasonal bounties can no longer be found at the bounty board.

Two New Fashion Sets - Wintermyst and Faewynd

Two new Fashion Sets in the Lancers of Lir update, Wintermyst and Faewynd. Vendors can be found in Farcrag Castle.

  • You get fashion from the existing fashion vendors in Farcrag Castle
  • To buy them you use fashion tokens from this, or previous events

Charm Shop
Heroes can talk to Conall the Charming found in Farcrag Castle to purchase guises of familiar faces in Dal Riata.
  • The charm vendor is located near the fashion vendors in Farcrag Castle.
  • You buy charms using charm tokens obtained from chests or the bounty board.

New Quests

The main questline continues with a delve into the darkness of Dunskeig! Heroes who have already completed the quest "The Gates of Rath Parras" should speak with the Spirit of the Wardens to see what more they can do.

New Pets

Two new types of pet have been added to the game. Heroes can exchange Pet Tokens to Sedric the Pet Vendor in Farcrag Castle for Spider and Boar pets.

Quests for Spider / Boar Taming abilities have been added to Druid Robena in Farcrag Castle


  • Open beta testing for iOS and Android was from December 2-5, 2016
  • Additional bug fixes for Shadow Strike. Should no longer interact with collisions.
  • Bounty Board Changes
    • All bounties now guarantee a drop of a bounty token, helping heroes towards their Pet / Battle Mount of choice.
  • Fishing Balancing Changes
    • New increased rates at which mount and pet tokens are gained from sunken chests.
    • New increased drop rates of bear quest items from fishing.
  • Boss Spawn Rate Increase 
    • Boss spawn rates have now been increased (and windows decreased proportionately)
    • This means a 25% decrease to spawn time for Hrungnir, Mordris and Necro, 33% for Aggy.
  • Boss Drop Rate Increase
    • Improved drop rates for higher tier loot items on Mordris, Necro, Hrungnir and Aggragoth!
  • Boss Drop Removal
    • Removed Bandage Wounds Bracelets from Mordris loot table. 

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