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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Should you Buy? - Eldon the Merchant Lux Shop

Hello and welcome to the first edition of "Should you Buy?", featuring the first luxury shop: Eldon the Merchant! I'll be diving into the items, looking at the stats, and letting you know if you should bother picking up these items.

Other Luxury Shops
Should you Buy?

Lets start out with the first section of items: Offhand Weapons!

Name Slot Lvl Cost Regen Stats
Baselard Offhand 12000 Pierce Dmg 12, Att 20
Blade of Battle Offhand 12000 Slash Dmg 8, Armour 10, Hp 10, Ene 10
Quiver of Plenty Offhand 12000 Pierce Dmg 7,
Mace of Virtue Offhand 14000 Crush Dmg 9, Armour 5, Defence 20, HP 10, Ene 10
Orb of Power Offhand 8000 Armour 10, Resist Heat/Cold/Magic 30, Ene 75
Quiver of Health Offhand 20000 HP 5/tick Pierce Dmg 7, Hp 50
Quiver of Energy Offhand 20000 Ene 5/tick Pierce Dmg 7, Ene 50
Quiver of Vigor Offhand 40000 Hp&Ene 5/tick Pierce Dmg 7, Hp 50, Ene 50
Finely Crafted Axe of Carnage Offhand 16000 Slash Dmg 13, Att 25, Hp 10, Ene 10
Finely Crafted Focus of Health Offhand 20000 Hp 5/tick Resist Heat/Cold/Magic 30, Hp 50
Finely Crafted Focus of Energy Offhand 20000 Ene 5/tick Resist Heat/Cold/Magic 30, Ene 50
Finely Crafted Focus of Vigor Offhand 40000 Hp&Ene 5/tick Resist Heat/Cold/Magic 30, HP 50, Ene 50
Finely Crafted Baselard Offhand 36000 Pierce Dmg 16, Att 40
Finely Crafted Orb of Power Offhand 24000 Armour 15, Resist Heat/Cold/Mag 50, Ene 100
Finely Crafted Blade of Battle Offhand 36000 Slash Dmg 12, Armour 20, Hp 20, Ene 20
Finely Crafted Mace of Virtue Offhand 42000 Crush Dmg 14, Armour 10, Def 40, Hp 20, Ene 20
Finely Crafted Quiver of Plenty Offhand 36000 Pierce Dmg 12
Finely Crafted Quiver of Health Offhand 45000 HP 10/tick Pierce Dmg 12, HP 100
Finely Crafted Quiver of Energy Offhand 45000 Ene 10/tick Pierce Dmg 12, Ene 100
Finely Crafted Quiver of Vigor Offhand 90000 Hp&Ene 10/tick Pierce Dmg 12, Hp 100, Ene 100

There are a ton of offhand weapons in this shop! None of them have level requirements, so that is great for new players. The trouble is, new players don't have any money! 
  • Warriors & Rogues: No! - The blades and maces are good for melee characters like warriors and rogues, but quite frankly they don't need them. The next luxury shop comes at level 35, and since you can zoom through the first 35 levels by doing the intro quest and part of Shalemont, you don't need to bother with these.
  • Mages & Druids: No! - The orbs and Focuses (Focii?) are clearly designed for casters, but again, they don't really need them at this level. It's just not going to benefit them enough. I would hold out and wait for the level 35 lux shop.
  • Rangers: Maybe? - The only real item here that is okay are the quivers, and that's because rangers lack any sort of non-luxury offhand (unless you're crazy and do a spear ranger). It's a design flaw in the game that OTM is clearly okay with, since you can farm arrows off of Shalemont ranger mobs. But c'mon... who does that? You might want to pick up a quiver, because you won't get another chance at a luxury offhand until level 50 in the Scavenger shop. Otherwise, you can try to farm a unending quiver off of the Farsight defector boss.
Lets move on to SHIELDS AND ARMOUR!
Name Slot Lvl Cost Regen Stats
Hawk Guardian Helm Head 8000 Armour 23, Att 20, Def 20
Battlemagic Helm Head 12000 Mag Dmg 10, Armour 5
Shield of Valour Offhand 16000 Armour 40, Resist Heat/Cold/Mag 15, Hp 50
Gloves of Haste Hands 30000 Attack Speed +10%, Armour 5
Boots of Speed Feet 30000 Run Speed +10%, Armour 7
Finely Crafted Eagle Chieftan Helm Head 20000 Armour 24, Att 20, Def 20, Hp 40, Ene 40
Finely Crafted Warmage Helm Head 24000 Mag Dmg 20, Armour 5
Finely Crafted Shield of Valour Offhand 42000 Armour 50, Resist Heat/Cold/Mag 30, Hp 100
Crown Shield of Energy Offhand 35 30000 Ene 5/tick Armour 30, Ene 50, 
Crown Shield of Health Offhand 35 30000 Hp 5/tick Armour 30, Hp 50, 
Crown Shield of Vigor Offhand 35 30000 Hp&Ene 5/tick Armour 30, Hp 50, Ene 50
Again, I don't see too much here to get excited about. The benefits you get from the armour don't outweigh keeping the gold until the level 35 lux shop in Shalemont. The only standouts are:
  • Gloves of Haste & Boots of Speed - But I don't reccomend buying these ones. If you have enough money to buy these, buy combo lixes instead. They give you 30% haste and speed, plus they get you to level 35 fast where you can buy the next tier of these that are much better.
  • Crown Shields - Good for the tanky warrior or mage. But who is going to tank a boss at level 20? Skip these and go DPS. If you're a mage, put points in energy shield and skip these shields too.
Next up is JEWELRY!
Amulet of Health Neck 10000 HP 5/tick Armour 5, Hp 15
Amulet of Energy Neck 10000 Ene 5/tick Armour 5, Ene 15
Amulet of Vigor Neck 20000 HP&Ene 5/tick Armour 5, HP 15, Ene 15
Finely Crafted Amulet of Health Neck 20000 HP 10/tick Armour 10, HP 30
Finely Crafted Amulet of Energy Neck 20000 Ene 10/tick Armour 10, Ene 30
Finely Crafted Amulet of Vigor Neck 35 40000 HP&Ene 10/tick Armour 10, Hp 30, Ene 30
This is the section where you may want to drop some cash if you have a big bank account. However, you can get to level 35 really fast with some combo lixes. I would recommend skipping these and investing in combos. It's cheaper, and it gives you better regens than these items.

Overall Verdict: NO!!!
Skip this shop altogether. Lir's Reach and Shalemont have good quests that can level you up easy enough to get to the next lux shop. If you feel like you need the regens that these items give, buy lixes instead. A good combo lix is better than anything here. Or if you can't find any combos, buy some of the other rainbow lixes to power through the first section of content to get to level 35, and the next lux shop. It has better items that will last you a long time.

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