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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

History of Arawn (Part 6)

The Arawn server has a rich history that has been crafted over many years by clans and players that have slipped into legend. In this post I will tell about the course of events that started at the beginning of the game, which led us to where we are in the present day. This is Part 6 of the history of Arawn.

Table of Contents:

Update 5: Gelebron's Tower (March 17, 2015 to October 2016)

As Gelebron's Tower opened, Resurgence started leveling quickly in groups to complete sets of the Exalted Dragonlord Armor (EDL). As they planned, the constant camping of Dragonlord (DL) bosses and EDL bosses was too much for them to handle with the manpower available while leveling up. Resurgence had to stop camping Priest and King in the DL boss rotation, leaving only Sreng and Snorri that they would challenge other clans on.

Blaze for the most part stayed in Carrowmore Tunnels, to finish up their DL armor sets. As Resurgence their dropped resistance, Blaze started outfitting their members in better gear. Some Blaze members leveled up to climb the tower and challenge Resurgence on some EDL bosses. Blaze member Irbetazenpj, a former Resurgence member, leveled the fastest and got to floor 5 before many Resurgence members. However, the challenges at EDL bosses were rare, and by April 26 Resurgence had completed 15 sets; three of each class.

But as Resurgence started to pull out of Carrowmore, BadaBing filled the void they left. At this time, BadaBing was not a large clan, and their primary membership was composed of two players who could each log 3 or 4 characters at a time: Bellatrix and Wretched. From Fall 2014 to April 2015, Bellatrix was content to remain AFK at the wyvern next to Aggragoth that would spawn every 20 seconds. Since Bellatrix was camped there permanently, she knew about Aggragoth spawning first and was able to call on Wretched and his four characters to get Aggragoth before anyone else.

At the beginning of April, OTM fixed this glitch, robbing Bellatrix of her AFK spot. After this, BadaBing became more active, taking the level 150 event boss and sometimes the 200 event boss. They were also camping Sreng to the point that Resurgence abandoned camping it. BadaBing then moved on to Snorri, and teaming up with members of ABC they were able to lock many boss spawns from 4 stars to 6 stars. However, BadaBing did not work well with Blaze despite Blaze trying to forge an alliance. Resurgence and Blaze were both frustrated with BadaBing.

On April 30th, Resurgence got word from Phurious that he had quit the game, and would only log in one more time to promote the next chief. The clan generals voted, and BigDiesel379 became the next chieftain of Resurgence. However, celebrations were cut short because not everyone was happy with the change.

On May 1st, there was an argument between the Resurgence generals that led to some members leaving the clan, and some being removed. The ordeal centered around perceived unfairness by Resurgence leaders with regards to drops and promotions. In the end, Gabee and several others formed the clan "Sapre Aude" which is Latin for "Dare to know." Due to pressure from Resurgence clan members, most players returned to Resurgence by May 4th.

BigDiesel379 had a good rapport with Blaze chief Westwend and had been speaking with her regarding the merging of the clans. On May 4th, Blaze clan merged into Resurgence uniting the once fierce competitors. The Resurgence feeder clan Evolve was disbanded and members moved into Resurgence, and the clan Braves became the new feeder clan.

However, not all former Resurgence members returned to the clan. Most notably Adrol stayed with Sapre Aude, and recruited a few more dissatisfied Resurgence members. Sapre Aude has formed an alliance with the clans BadaBing, ABC, and others to fight against Resurgence. Together they regularly take down the Ostara 2015 level 200 boss, and on June 15 got their first Hrungnir kill together, outlocking Resurgence. Since then they have forced Hrungnir to be camped and killed on spawn, and they have been able to lock Hrungnir over Resurgence. As of August 2015, most Sapre Aude has gone inactive with the exception of Henry135 who helps BadaBing.

On August 9, 2015 BigDiesel379 stepped down as chief of Resurgence and passed the role back to Phurious, who started using his rogue Reeds as his main character. At this point, the Resurgence feeder clan Blaze has started to become more organized under the guidance of Westwend. They time and camp Otherworld bosses including Aggragoth. They face a little competition from small clans, but for the most part BadaBing remains camped at Snorri and Sreng and give them little trouble in the Otherworld. Resurgence continues to battle BadaBing in Carrowmore, while fighting event and tower bosses. DL bosses Priest and King are now largely forgotten at this point.

In the middle of August 2015, Lonkar left Resurgence again and is killing anyone that dares to enter the arena.

As August turned into September, many Resurgence thought that BadaBing would become inactive because the school year started in real life. This was not the case. In fact, if anything, BadaBing became more active. It was common to see Wretched and Bellatrix camping Snorri 24 hours a day for many days in a row. Eventually, Henry135 joined them with Adrol, when she started playing more regularly in October. In September and October BadaBing and Sapre Aude would start regularly locking Hrungnir over Resurgence, using level lock to their advantage. This was a big blow to Resurgence's morale.

Another blow to Resurgence was a rising FallenSoldiers clan led by JakeCyr. They would regularly contest Resurgence/Braves at bosses Sreng and lower. Lonkar would help them out on occasion.

During early October, Phurious/Reeds went inactive again, disappearing without any warning. He did so without passing the chieftain role on to BigDiesel379, who became acting chief in his absence. However, Reeds returned in November, passing the chieftain role to BigDiesel379 so he could fill the role in actuality.

Another notable character that went inactive was KrazyKatz. She had been the server's top leveled druid since v2, and had been a trusted member of every clan leadership team since then. In September 2015 she demoted herself from General, and left Resurgence abruptly after complaining that no one was camping bosses during the overnight shift. Afterwards she logged in rarely, mostly to collect flowers for the Beltane hat quest. In October, a mysterious character popped up in Farcrag Castle selling all sorts of drops from Unox, Skain, Garanak, Mordris, Neromancer, and Hrungnir for gold and real life PayPal cash. After weeks of tracking this person selling drops to the enemies of Resurgence (BadaBing, Sapre Aude, FallenSoldiers), Resurgence determined that it was KrazyKatz that had betrayed her clan, tarnishing her legacy on Arawn forever.

On October 28, 2015 the Arcane Sanctum was opened in Gelebron's Tower, and Resurgence began testing Gelebron.

BadaBing and Sapre Aude worked together in the past to collaborate on bosses including Snorri, Hrungnir, 210 event bosses, and many others. On November 28, 2015 the two clans merged together cement their partnership in the clan Unit. One of the driving factors behind this was that the chieftains of both clans had gone inactive; Vesago of Sapre Aude, and Wretched of BadaBing. It was because of this, that the new clan Unit was formed. Unit is run as a coalition of Generals, with a level one bank character as the chief. This is a similar arrangement to how Serenity was organized in the past. With the creation of Unit and the termination of BadaBing, the last of the old clans from Celtic Heroes v2 has been swept away.

On December 23, 2015 Unit banded together with ABC and some FallenSoldiers to kill Mordris. They got a Void Halberd of Focus on their first Mordris, which went to Henry. This ended Resurgence's streak of killing all Mordris spawns. To combat this in the future, Resurgence started to kill Mordris on spawn, rather than at a designated time.

Around this time, Liv Arronheln inherited a clan named Dragonsouls from Ravenhart, after he had gone on hiatus. Most of the clan were gone or inactive at this point. No one knew it, but this would be a clan to watch in the future. In a few months, Liv decided to help out a new player, and ended up recruiting them. AT this time, it was just thse two in the clan.

Resurgence killed Gelebron on January 23, 2016. this was the first Gelebron kill of any world.

Reeds became inactive again after the first Gelebron kill, and did not pass on the chieftain role for some time. Eventually he gave it back to BigDiesel379, but becoming busy in real life he did not have the time to devote to the role. LadyJade took up the mantle of Resurgence chieftain. Resurgence started to refine their Gelebron battles to make them more successful. Many new members joined Resurgence over the Spring and Summer, coming from other worlds that were less populated.

During this time, Unit became more active picking up Resurgence defectors, and other members that were inactive such as Phyzem and LordDoctor. Using Bellatrix's level 180 tank, Unit was able to kill the Yule 2015 and Ostara 2016 level 210 event bosses using just 8 people. This caused some furious lock battles over the Spring of 2016, and many fights on the forums. Unit started to level up from 180 to compete at 210 event, and Exalted Dragonlord bosses up to Phantom. But as they leveled up, they lost their level lock advantage at Dragonlord bosses and Hrungnir, allowing Resurgence lock alts to pick up more of these.

In early Spring 2016, Liv Arronheln met up with ilili and Alarien who offered to help rebuild Dragonsouls, and they were recruited on as Generals. Dragonsouls started out with small bosses, Warden bosses, and Meteoric bosses. In a few months after leveling and bossing hard, Dragonsouls moved on to Frozen bosses. The clan continued to steadily grow with using strict recruiting selection rules.

In June 2016, Resurgence was alerted of two people leveling fast on Herne and the Resurgence contact there wanted info on them since they were claiming to be Reeds (Kaine Konopolis) and KrazyKatz (Jasmine). Resurgence gave him info on them both, including how KrazyKatz had been secretly scamming the clan from her position of power. Since Reeds was now working with KrazyKatz it was clear that the former chieftain of Resurgence had turned against his clan as well. Both of them were now leveling on Herne, but had been shunned by the dominant clan and had been forced to join the competition. Also during this time another thorn to Resurgence, Lashy and Thesis, also left to go to Belenus where they prospered.

In August 2016, Unit started to go inactive and other clans like DragonSouls, Colours, Vanguard, Alliance, and Forsaken rose to fill the vaccuum at Dragonlord bosses. In order to settle lock battle disputes at bosses, the clans formed an alliance where one person per clan would roll for drops, and there was a board of leaders that determined who would receive Dragonlord Armour. This was the beginning of the United Arawn Clans (UAC). They shared message boards on Moxtra for timers, selling, and buying. worked together on bosses from Frozen to Aggragoth, however they could not take Hrungnir.

Two UAC members from Forsaken members Serenity and Camoboy were able to sneak two characters into Resurgence to gain DL gear after leveling their characters past 200. They were found out and removed before receiving end game drops.

Notable Personalities
BigDiesel379, Irbetazenpj, Westwend, Bellatrix/Taglia/Khira, Wretched, Gabee, Smellyunder, Adrol, Henry135, Reeds/Phurious, Lonkar, JakeCyr, KrazyKatz, Vesago, LadyJade, Lashy, Thesis, Liv Arronheln

  • Smellyunder upset some people in other worlds by posting on the forums whenever Resurgence got a new EDL set.
  • There were many former Blaze members in the Gelebron's Tower beta testing. You can recognize them by their Archfyre Fists!
  • Many old time players went inactive at the beginning of the Tower update for a variety of reasons.
  • During November 2015, Henry135 left Sapre Aude and started helping Resurgence on bosses before he joined Unit. He was trying to convince Resurgence leaders to recruit him back into the clan. 
  • As of the end of 2016, the only two full Doch Gul armor sets on Arawn are owned by BigDiesel379 (warrior) and Smellyunder (rogue).

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