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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

History of Arawn (Part 7)

The Arawn server has a rich history that has been crafted over many years by clans and players that have slipped into legend. In this post I will tell about the course of events that started at the beginning of the game, which led us to where we are in the present day. This is Part 7 of the history of Arawn.

Table of Contents:

Tides of Fate Update and beyond (October 2016 to Present)

At the beginning of the Tides of Fate update, UAC consisted of Colours, Unit, Dragonsouls, and Forsaken. There were sporadic lock battles at quest armor bosses, and at server resets they were able to take Aggragoth, but beyond that most bosses went to Resurgence. EDL bosses were uncontested.

In October 2016, Colours was removed from UAC due to constant drama, and was largely on its own as all of its allies were in UAC. Colours would complain when UAC mains got Dragonlord weapons, and were talking behind the backs of UAC members.

Unit was beefed up by former Resurgence members (Zupper, Sako, EasyE, Sixfatranger) leaving for Unit after being geared with items up to and including Gelebron drops. In December 2016 a dark Gelebron bow was sold on the black market. UAC at this point was Dragonsouls, Vnguard, Celtic Shadows, Maelstrom, and Lancers.

Although Resurgence regularly took most of the end game bosses, the combined efforts of Unit, Colours, and Dragonsouls have killed Mordris two times. Unit and Colours together killed Mordris one time. They stopped trying to kill Mordris however, after being able to gain the target lock many times, and wiping when it enrages.

In Novenber 2016, Forsaken dissolved when most members went to Braves or Colours seeking gear. SK8r, the chief of Forsaken joined Braves. After that, UAC mainly focused on Frozen bosses, and stayed away from Dragonlord because Dragonsouls members were being harassed by Colours.

This harassment did not last though, because UAC grew stronger with the help of new allies, and gained more DL sets, and EDL pieces, and were able to rule Frozen bosses most of the day. The week of December 8th, five Dragonsouls members with the assistance of Lisafandisco, sako, Henry135, and EasyE killed their first Hrungnir. Not all alliances went well though, as ex-Resurgence member Noname scammed a Mordris helm off of a Dragonsouls member.

In January 2017 three UAC clans; Vanguard, Celtic Shadows, and Lancers; merged into clan Valiant, which remained in the UAC. Unit left UAC and began working with Colours in February. Valiant attempted to work with clan Zenith at this point, but it didn't work out. UAC consists of Dragonsouls, Valiant, and Maelstrom. Valiant controls most Frozen bosses, and the lower tier Dragonlord bosses, but is mostly unable to lock Sreng or Snorri due to Resurgence competition. They also take the Exalted Dragonlord bosses that Resurgence chooses not to kill.

In April 2017, after former Resurgence chief BigDiesel379 came back, an offer was made to the Valiant chief, JunglePixie, for Valiant to be merged into the Resurgence feeder clan Braves. It was rejected by Valiant members in a unanimous decision.

This arrangement of clans persisted through April 2017, with Resurgence being the dominant clan, and UAC being dominant on Aggragoth and lower Dragonlord bosses. The Colours/Unit combo takes many higher Exalted Dragonlord Bosses during Resurgence off hours.

On May 7th, with BigDiesel as chief, Resurgence declared war on Valiant. Resurgence members were allowed to kill steal mobs while Valiant members were leveling, stealing arena Gladiators, talking trash, dragging adds and resetting Valiant bosses with no punishment. BigDiesel also began recruiting Valiant members with promises of gear, and telling members to bring their friends along. Other UAC clans were exempted from this attack. During the assault, Deadlylover (aka verylovable) was recruited straight into Resurgence, which angered many members since she did not have to go through a trial period in Braves clan. Gadinka was also recruited into Resurgence (who used to grief members in the arena back in 2014)

7 days later on May 14, Resurgence relented and issued a formal apology to Valiant, and "reaffirmed their desire for a peaceful and happy Arawn."

On May 26, Valiant left the UAC due to built up tensions and problems with drops. Shortly after that, Lisafandisco left Valiant,taking more than half of Valiant leaders with her, to form clan Infinite. With their weakened state, BigDiesel began recruiting Valiant members again, along with players who have been long ostracized for their past actions. Among these recruits were HoHoMage which caused many members to leave including N0name, Slyshadows, Lill Lindfors/Tage Danielson.
Within a few days though, most of these members returned to Resurgence.

On June 6, 2017 Dragonsouls offered to merge with Valiant. Valiant leaders met with Dragonsouls leaders/members (LivArronheln, ilili, Deadstrike), with the end result being Valiant merged into Dragonsouls. There were some players that did not want to merge, and they left the clan for Braves, infinite, or other clans.

*Note* No Updates in a while because I haven't been playing on Arawn

December 2019, Colours began getting stronger and challenging Resurgence on bosses.

May 25, 2020, a new clan named Dawn forms to compete with Resurgence and takes their first Gelebron and on May 28, they take their first Bloodthorn. May 30th: Resurgence forms an alliance with Colours to take down Dhiothu, with some Dragonsouls members there too. On June 20, 2020 the relationship with Colours implodes, and Resurgence disbands. LadyJade forms the clan Pandora, with BigDiesel379 loyalists in Dawn. Arawn is in a state of chaos.

RIP Resurgence: August 29, 2013 - June 20, 2020

Notable Personalities
  • LadyJade - Chief of Resurgence (until May 2017)
  • BigDiesel379 - Chief of Resurgence (former, and current chief as of May 2017)
  • Westwend - Chief of Braves
  • JunglePixie - Chief of Valiant
  • LivArronheln - Chief of Dragonsouls
    • ilili - Dragonsouls General
    • Deadstrike - Dragonsouls member
  • Joewin and Onenn - Leaders of Colours
  • Lisafandisco - Chief of Infinite

Notable Clans:
Resurgence, United Arawn Clans (UAC): Valiant, Dragonsouls, Unit, Colours, Zenith

  • Henry135 took Unit's bank when Unit went inactive in Fall of 2016 and formed his own clan.
  • Smellyunder was demoted from Resurgence General to Clanmate in Winter 2016.

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