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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Phantomblade Weapon Mobs Respawn on Server Reset!

Phantomblade mobs are awesome semi-rare spawns that drop offhand weapons. And the great thing is that they show up on server resets! That means you can clean up and take all these weapons on each server reset. Here is a list of the locations:

Name Level Zone Location Video
Phantomblade Warskull 20 Lirs Reach Outside Dustwither
Phantomblade Creakbone 50 Shalemont Near Hunter's Remains near Redbane
Phantomblade Shadowskull 75 Stonevale North of Spearhorn by cliff
Phantomblade Dedned 85 Fingals Cave East of Pirate Island in the water
Phantomblade Granitebone 90 Fingals Cave Near Wyvers by camp
Phantomblade Skullsoul 125 Otherworld Behind Spirit of Wardens by river
Phantomblade Darkreaper 140 Carrowmore In front of 150 lux shop

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