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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

All About Spirehoof - Warden Armour Boss

Spirehoof the Corrupted and Crumblehorn are two bosses in the Warden Armour quest line in Stonevale. This guide will give you all the info on this boss.


  • Quests:
    • Spirehoof is the fourth boss in the Evil in Stonevale quest chain. 
    • Spirehoof is the fourth boss in the Warden Armour Quest line.
  • Drops: Oak, Elm, and Crown disc fragments for the Warden quest armour.
  • Spirehoof can spawn different placeholders instead of the main boss. These are:
    • Spirehoof the Corrupted 85/6* (drops 3 disc fragments)
    • Crumblehorn 6* (drops 1 disc Fragment)
    • Lancehorn 4*
    • 3*
  • Location: Walks from right of West entrance to the Bloodgrove in Stonevale, to the middle South wall of the Bloodgrove.
  • Respawn: 30-45 minutes.
  • Relevant Resources:



Spirehoof the Corrupted performs these attacks:
  • Wild Embrace - Heal over time (like Natures Embrace)
  • Hasty Attack - Medium physical attack (like Quick Strike)
  • Death Charge - Damage over time attack (like Rend)
  • Impale - Pierce damage skill


  • You need to DPS hard to get past the Wild Embrace skill, which Spirehoof almost always has active.
  • You also need to buff up your armour and have heals because Spirehoof deals a lot of DPS.


  • Spirehoof the Corrupted used to look a lot different in previous versions of Celtic Heroes. Below is a video documenting his changes

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