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Monday, December 18, 2017

Yule 2017 Event Guide

This is your guide to the Yule 2017 Winter event in Celtic Heroes that started December 18, 2017. I'll be showing you new quests, chests, mounts, fashion and the first ever competition along with maps and info about each part of the event.
I will be adding more to this guide as more info is uncovered. Check back often!

Original Patch notes here:


Harsh snowstorms batter the ramparts of Farcrag Castle as the Dor Keln snows reach our shores. The lands of Lirs Reach, Farcrag Castle and the Arena have got a bit chillier this season. Remember to wear your mittens!
  • A new winter theme has been applied to Lir's Reach and Farcrag Castle
  • Snow is on the ground and falling from the sky!

Hat Quest

Return of the festive hat quest! Visit Meirich Colgach in Farcrag Castle to begin your festive quest for the Cheerful Jester's Hat!
  • The Cheerful Jester's Hat quest starts at Meirich Colgach is in front of the fountain in the castle
  • Reward: a hat that is "styled after the garb of the famed performers of the MacLir Royal Court." 
  • The Cheerful Jester's Hat fashion hat that comes in regular or lustrous hats that sparkle. 
  • You will need to gather festive crackers from chests in Lir's Reach, the Castle, and the Arena.
  • The requirements for each color crest are as follows:
    • Red - 5 Festive Crackers
    • Pink - 10 Festive Crackers
    • Orange - 20 Festive Crackers
    • Yellow - 40 Festive Crackers
    • Green - 80 Festive Crackers
    • Turquoise - 150 Festive Crackers
    • Blue - 250 Festive Crackers
    • Purple - 400 Festive Crackers
    • Black - 600 Festive Crackers
    • White - 1000 Festive Crackers
At the end of the quest, you will have turned in 2555 Festive Crackers!

Lir's Reach Map

Farcrag Castle

New Chest – Snowstorm

  • Firebreath and Aeon chests have been combined! This will include 2 new fashion sets, Aeon fashion, the jackpot Dragon Eggs and more!
  • We will be reducing down to one chest. There will be some seasonal content in the chest. Other content will remain throughout the year. 

New Fashion – Shaman Fashion / Vindicator Fashion

  • Shaman Fashion - The fashion vendor in Farcrag Castle has acquired an exotic new fashion from a far-off land. Bring them fashion tokens. They will happily exchange their wares with you.
  • Seasonal Vindicator Fashion – A chest exclusive fashion! Open Snowstorm Chests for a chance to receive this proud knight fashion! Vindicator Fashion will only be available during the Winter Season. It may return in future winter updates.

New Seasonal Winter Barding

A festive barding for your Battlemount! Obtainable via the Snowstorm chests, these will make any battlemount shine with Christmas spirit. *Only available during the Winter season! May return in future winter updates.

New Charm - Padraig MacLir 

Become the man with the finest facial hair in all Dal Riata, Auctioneer Padraig MacLir. Obtainable via Charm Tokens.

New Pet – Eagle 

Valiant hunter, sharp eyes, razor talons. The perfect battle companion.

Tiny Small
(lvl 40)
(lvl 80)
(lvl 120)
(lvl 160)
(lvl 200)
Brown Focus 10, Resist Magic 10, Wound Evade 20 Focus 20, Resist Magic 20, Wound Evade 40 Focus 40, Resist Magic 40, Wound Evade 80 Focus 60, Resist Magic 60, Wound Evade 120 Focus 90, Resist Magic 90, Wound Evade 160 Focus 120, Resist Magic 120, Wound Evade 200
Red Focus 12, Resist Magic 12, Wound Evade 23 Focus 23, Resist Magic 23, Wound Evade 46 Focus 46 Resist Magic 46, Wound Evade 95 Focus 70 Resist Magic 70, Wound Evade 140 Focus 105 Resist Magic 105, Wound Evade 185 Focus 140 Resist Magic 140, Wound Evade 230
Black Focus 14, Resist Magic 14, Wound Evade 26 Focus 26, Resist Magic 26, Wound Evade 52 Focus 52, Resist Magic 52, Wound Evade 110 Focus 80, Resist Magic 89, Wound Evade 160 Focus 120, Resist Magic 120, Wound Evade 210 Focus 160, Resist Magic 160, Wound Evade 260
Silver Focus 16, Resist Magic 16, Wound Evade 32 Focus 29, Resist Magic 29, Wound Evade 58 Focus 58, Resist Magic 58, Wound Evade 120 Focus 90, Resist Magic 90, Wound Evade 180 Focus 135, Resist Magic 135, Wound Evade 240 Focus 180, Resist Magic 180, Wound Evade 300

New Battlemount – Elk

Thranduil would be jealous. Magnificent watcher of the forest, the Elk Battlemount.
  • Gives Focus, Vitality, and Evasion (Spell/Movement/Wounding) boosts.
  • Skill: Lightning Discharge - Deals magic damage and slows targets movement speed

Zone ART Revamps – Dustwither Catacombs and Arena

  • Lord MacLirs’ castle has received another revamp! The arena has received a grand makeover fit for the majesty of Farcrag Castle. Visit to challenge any who dare fight in arena combat.
  • The lord has not been the only one busy. The dark lair of Dustwither Catacombs has twisted into a fearsome land of the dead. Be wary travelers of these lands.

Festive Recipes

For the adept chef, new festive recipes are available from Delia Dermot in the Tavern! Mince Pies, Yule Puddings and Chocolate Lord MacLirs for those feeling festive and hungry! (Arken and Muldar have done nothing but smile with this idea)
Recipe Level Price Ingredients Extract Effect
Mince Pie 25 50 1 Butter, 1 Dried Fruit, 1 Holiday Spices Garnet Festive Cheer for 5 minutes
Gingerbread Man 50 100 1 Butter, 1 Sugar, 1 Holiday Spices Emerald 15% movement speed for 1 minute
Yule Pudding 75 250 1 Cream, 1 Dried Fruit, 1 Holiday Spices Emerald Restore 400 HP, 400 Energy
Chocolate Lord MacLir 100 1000 1 Milk, 1 Sugar, 1 Holiday Spices Garnet Boost Scholar Ability by 1000 for 5 minutes

Competition System

A new competitive competition system has been added to the leaderboards! These timed events will be available for all adventurers with special prizes for the best of the best! The first competition? Fishing!
This begins the 18th of December at 16:00 GMT and concludes on the 21st of December at 16:00 GMT.

You should receive a warning 30 minutes before the start of the competition, and a popup when the competition officially begins!

The competition will track the new fish that has invaded Lir's Reach, the "Ling". These fish can be caught from any of the new Glacial Waters fishing spots throughout Lir's Reach, and when you actively perform the action of looting this fish, your total will increment on the new Competitions leaderboard between this specific time period, and only during this time.

Although the leaderboards will display data for all servers, players will be able to filter by world on the main page to see the progress on their specific server. Also, take note that the leaderboards are currently slow to update. So don't stop fishing until you receive that final popup saying the competition is over! You'll never know until the end.

Once complete, we will provide the rewards on each server via in-game mail, hopefully by Friday.

The rewards for each place per server are as follows:

1st Place - Yule Champion Angler's Set (Teal fishing fashion with a unique particle) + Yule Competitors Angler's Set (Basic Mauve fishing fashion)

2nd Place - Yule Challenger Angler's Set (Teal fishing fashion with older snow particle) + Yule Competitors Angler's Set (Basic Mauve fishing fashion)

3rd Place - Yule Contender Angler's Set (Basic Teal fishing fashion) + Yule Competitors Angler's Set (Basic Mauve fishing fashion)

4th-10th Runner-Up Places - Yule Competitors Angler's Set (Basic Mauve fishing fashion)

Good luck and happy fishing!

Footfall SFX

Sound effects for walking have been updated. Different terrain, different sound!

Bug Fixes

  • Players level 190 + can now receive the Daily Fishing Quests
  • Fixed wall collision exploits (Logout bug)
  • Cooking Fashion Vendors have now been corrected for Purple and Turquoise variants.
  • Rabbit Pie regen, fixed.
  • Samurai fashion no longer clips on sit emote.
  • Clan creation timeout bug, fixed.
  • Exotic fish now have correct visual appearance when caught.
  • Mage wand weapon effects positioning, fixed.
  • Giant Dragon Hatching no longer clips player model.
  • Cream of Carrot soup requirements, fixed.
  • War Horse breeding requirements, fixed.
  • End-game fish weights corrected.
  • Pets idle animation while fishing, fixed.
  • Dire bat in tunnels can no longer fly into a new realm of existence.

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