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Friday, January 19, 2018

Repeatable Quests

What are repeatable quests and where are they? This guide will give you an overview, and a list of many repeatable quests in Celtic Heroes.

What Are Repeatable Quests?

These are quests that once you finish them, you can do them again for similar rewards.

Similar Rewards?

You will get rewards that are similar to the first time that you completed the quest. There are some caveats

  1. XP will reduce as your level goes up
  2. The item reward from the quest may be randomized. This depends on how the quest was designed. 

So I can do them as many times as I want?

Yes and no. There are three types of repeatable quests

  1. Normal Repeatable - You can repeat these as many times as you want.
    1. Example: are the fettlecap quest in Shalemont.
  2. Daily Repeatable - You can repeat these quests once daily
    1. Example: Balm quest at Temple of Belenus, Fingal's Cave camp quests, Tower floor boss quests, and the Otherworld bracelet quest to kill dogs.
  3. Weekly Repeatable - You can repeat these quests once a week
    1. Example: Otherworld bracelet quest to defeat the hunter.

Where are these repeatable quests?

I am going to attempt to create a complete list of repeatable quests with guides. I will update this list as I go along, so at the moment this is only a partial list. Please check back often for new updates.
  1. Heroes Landing
  2. Farcrag Castle
    1. Bounty Board
    2. Repeatable: Pledge Again
    3. Daily: A Plague of Rats
    4. Repeatable: Cold as Ice
    5. Repeatable: Blair's Bows
  3. Lir's Reach
    1. Repeatable: Chicken Hunt
    2. Repeatable: Mugworts
    3. Repeatable: Picking Thyme
    4. Repeatable: A Blessing
    5. Daily: Balm Quests
  4. Crookback Hollow
    1. Daily: Bracelet Quest 
    2. Repeatable: Mining Picks
    3. Repeatable: The Clan Torcs
  5. Tavern
    1. Daily: Health quest
    2. Daily: Energy quest
    3. Repeatable: Cooking quest
    4. Daily: Cooking quest
  6. Dustwither Catacombs
    1. Repeatable: Them Bones
    2. Repeatable: Flesh and Bone
  7. Shalemont Ravine
    1. Repeatable: Salve-ation (Fettlecap Quest)
    2. Repeatable: Frosty Fungus
    3. Daily: Alchemist's Bloom
    4. Repeatable: Squires in Training
    5. Repeatable: The Defector
  8. Stonevale
    1. Repeatable: Ballad of the Fall
  9. Arena
    1. Daily: Gladiator Quest
  10. Otherworld
    1. Repeatable: Faerieland
    2. Daily: Look to the Future
    3. Weekly: Occulus Rift
    4. Daily and Weekly: Blocking the Transfer
  11. Carrowmore Tunnels
    1. Daily: Sting in the Tail
    2. Daily and Weekly: Venomspit
  12. Fingal's Cave
    1. Daily: Feeding Time
    2. Daily: Good Prospects
    3. Repeatable: Cavern Stew
  13. Dunskeig Sewers
    1. Repeatable: Stolen Cargo
  14. Murky Vaults
  15. Bridge of Despair
    1. Daily: Bloodclaw
    2. Daily: Sergeant Brass
    3. Daily: Artemis the Vain
  16. Infernal Armouries
    1. Daily: Captain Ironfist
    2. Daily: Reduxor the Gaunt
    3. Daily: Sentinel Theta
  17. Alchemical Quarters
    1. Daily: Commander Steelheart
    2. Daily: Grubspittle
    3. Daily: Alcazzar the Insane
  18. Summoning Chambers
    1. Daily: Erebon the Learned
    2. Daily: Moonclaw
    3. Daily: Terminus the Undying
  19. Forbidden Halls
    1. Daily: Mordibrax the Eternal
    2. Daily: The Grand Orb
    3. Daily: Sentinel Omicron
  20. Arcane Sanctum
    1. Daily: In the Name of the Woes

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