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Monday, June 25, 2018

Mordris Helm guide - stats and how to choose one

This guide will walk you through the stats and what you should think about when choosing a Mordris Helm.

Author: Taalia (Rosmerta, clan Forever)

No item has caused as much drama as mordris helms.

They’re good: most end game players have one. They’re rare, and the top tiers very rare. They can be hugely powerful. The demand for them is natural and the top tier is a prestige item that announces you’ve made it.

But don’t overestimate them. Remember they replace your EDL helm which is in itself an amazing  piece of gear. Your EDL helm has high resists, including chaos resist. A mord helm may help you avoid receiving hits, or give you health, but an EDL helm gives armour and resistance.

An EDL rogue or ranger helm also does damage. A mordris helm takes this away. And of course an EDL helm gives skill points that are lost with a mordris helm.

So if you get a mordris helm - choose wisely. Some may not be the right fit for you and you give up a lot when wearing it. But the right one can be a game changer.

Note: Doch helms are better than all but the best mordris helms.

Mordris helms have negligible armour and resistance.

They give a bonus to one statistic (str,dex,vit,foc), or do direct elemental damage.

They add to two secondary statistics (attack, defence, health, or energy) and give bonuses to three evasions (physical, spell, movement, wounding, weakening).

There are three tiers, dark, shadow, void:
Dark Shadow Void
Statistic 100 150 200
Attack/Defence 600 800 1000
Health/Energy 1000 1250 1500
Evasions 600 800 1000

There are four damage helms - but check the variation in secondary statistics!

And for each primary stat there are three flavours of helm with different secondaries. The pattern is clear:
Type Statistic Att Def HP En Phy Spe Mov Wou Wea
Sun Damage (Heat)
Moon Damage (Poison)
Earth Damage (Magic)
Sea Damage (Cold)
Victory Strength
Champions Strength
Carnage Strength
Duellists Dexterity
Night Dexterity
Bones Dexterity
Crusades Vitality
Knights Vitality
Bastion Vitality
Secrets Focus
Mysteries Focus
Visions Focus

Choose your helm wisely!


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