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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Doch Gul Armour of Myth Guide

Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

Doch Gul Armour of Myth

A number of people have pointed out they don’t really know how Doch Gul works in the game, what it is, how you get it and what benefit it has. This is a pure eduction post - I do not discuss our gearing model at all.
Doch Gul is the highest form of quest armour in the game. It is only available for those who can enter arcane sanctum (level 215). It is an upgrade beyond Exalted Dragonlord Armour.
It is DPS armour, designed to improve - dramatically - the power to deliver damage. It is useless for tanks, and in fact remarkably reduces your resistances.
If you have one or more pieces of Doch Gul, but otherwise have EDL armour, you maintain the EDL aura set bonus.
This is important, as the set bonus for EDL is very good.
If you have a complete set of Doch Gul other than helm, and wear a mordris helm, you keep the EDL bonus (though not wearing EDL at all), but no DG set bonus.
If you have a full Doch Set, you keep the EDL bonus (though not wearing any EDL) and gain the additional Doch set bonus, which increases the output of two skills in direct terms.
Doch in pieces is a definite upgrade and Doch sets are more than the sum of the parts due to the bonus.

How do you get it?

Each piece of Doch Gul armour requires confluxes. There are coloured confluxes (which are like the coloured drops for other questline items, and are class specific), and there are confluxes of pureness (which are white).

  • Gelebron drops one coloured conflux (random colour) and one pure, guaranteed.
  • Proteus Base drops one conflux, usually coloured (rarely a pure)
  • Proteus Prime drops one conflux, either pure or coloured.

There are no other sources of confluxes. Killing proteus and gelebron is the only way to gear doch.
Gloves: 2 colours. + 1 pure
Boots: 2 colours. + 2 pure
Helm: 3 colours. + 3 pure
Leggings: 4 colours. + 4 pure
Chest: 5 colours. + 5 pure

Warrior, red “legends”
Rogue, purple “sagas”
Ranger, yellow “fables”
Mage, blue “mythos”
Druid, green “folklore”

What does it give you?

Resistance - a big drop:

Output - a huge boost:

The pattern is clear: huge numbers of points split between 2 stats and elemental damage for the non casters, so split between 3 stats for casters.

Non casters get attack and defence bonus, casters get defence and magic ability.

Evasions :

Set Bonus:
This gives direct bonus to skill output:

Two points worth noting.

As Xan says in the comments, EDL armour adds skill points. When you switch to Doch your available skills pool shrinks - this is why both Gele and Proteus gear has lots of skill points attached, as its intended to complement Doch. EDL also has direct bonuses to health and energy, while Doch is more on statistics, that have diminishing marginal returns.

Secondly, while EDL warrior is hybrid or tank, warrior Doch is very much DPS. Rogue and Ranger EDL has elemental damage, and Rogue and Ranger Doch is an upgrade to that. But warrior EDL has none, while Warrior Doch has equal to rogue and ranger. Doch, full or partial, makes the endgame DPS warrior a genuine choice.

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