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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Corrupted Gardens: Embossed Weapons Guide

Embossed weapons

Author: Xanadu (Rosmerta, clan Forever)

What are they?

Embossed weapons are luxury weapons but rather than being in a shop, OTM has placed them in the faction boss treasure troves. That means they are randomly in your treasure trove weekly chest that becomes available when you reach faction level three.

There are five weapons per faction boss. Both factions are comparable with the major change being the element of damage (not amount of damage, just the type).

Here they are:
Class Dmg #1 Dmg #2 Speed Vit Str Dex Foc Att Def
Embossed Sword of Resistance Warrior 200 Heat 165 Slash 2900 150 450
Embossed Bow of Mastery Ranger 200 Heat 170 Pierce 3000 200 450
Embossed Dagger of Revenge Rogue 200 Heat 120 Pierce 2300 200 450
Embossed Wand of Sorcery Mage 200 Heat 100 Magic  3000 150 200
Embossed Totem of Prosperity Druid 200 Heat 100 Magic  3250 150 200

Wait, best clan gear? There's something better?

While we don't have the loot table for bloodthorn, yes, we believe that there is better gear, including main hand weapons, from the gardens endgame boss. We were not given the loot table in beta, so we are going off of OTMs past practices. Notably, embossed weapons have no tiers (i.e. Dark, shadow, void) so they are not typical drop material. Rather, they are effectively new lux.

Wait, these were in beta? Why didn't someone bring them up before one dropped?

They were in closed beta in the faction shops, specifically the tier four shops (with a really cool purple effect that is now gone). However, in open beta, no one got to the tier four shop, so we didn't know if they were still going to be there then. It appears OTM decided to put them into the treasure trove instead. In the shop, they had a 1m gold price tag.

Is there anything else I should know about these weapons?

You need to get to faction lvl 3 to get them, so keep getting your faction points and we will get everyone's offhands upgraded and share the wealth from the weekly quest! Thank you to everyone who has made the gardens release fun and enjoy the new weapons! Now let's keep farming those vines and get poison pots and see what bloodthorn has to offer too!


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