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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Faction Boss Guide

Author: Ridd (Rosmerta, clan Forever)

Faction Boss Guide

Lx did a great job of explaining more or less how to approach these bosses. But after experiencing them both and going through the process in cg, just a few things I think could be explained in a bit more detail or added.

First, in regards to both, you need to be rank 3 in your chosen faction to gain access to this quest. You also need to be at least lvl 200 or higher. You need to have done the quests that Warden Ciaran gives you at the camp ley (Prickly Plants and Creeping Vines). You only need to do each quest once (though they are repeatable). Follow the quests and you’ll get directed to NPCs for your chosen faction who will give you quests (also repeatable) that give gold and faction points, and eventually, when you’ve reached rank 3 in the faction, the weekly quest in which you need to kill the opposite factions boss.

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need edl offhand to get the weekly quest or to complete it. They are two separate quests. So you can still take part in faction boss raids and reap the same rewards. You just won’t be able to do the offhand quest and upgrade your offhand without edl.

It takes a good amount of people and dps to kill these bosses, and especially to beat rage. Both rage at 10 mins. This means that any time we attempt these bosses, we will need more people than just who needs to complete the quest. These bosses require teamwork, and help from people who may not need the quest or may not be able to get it yet. They will require help from people in the opposite faction of whatever boss we’re attempting.

I know it especially sucks for people who don’t have edl weps yet, and the best I can say is that overall, helping the people who can get and upgrade cg offhands helps us all overall. This is because the cg offhands are especially important and effective at BT, and the more effective we are at BT, the sooner we can kill the silly plant and get awesome new gear. So even if you can’t get the cg offhands just yet, making our clan as strong as possible for BT raids is important regardless, and benefits us all.

In regards to helping kill your own faction boss, it’s pretty straightforward. As long as you’re not in the lock group when the boss dies, you will not lose points from your faction.

So who should be in groups? No matter which boss we’re doing, the people who have the quest and need the kill on that boss should be grouped first and foremost. If there are more than 8 people who need the kill, we’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it. If there’s less than 8 who need the kill, I would suggest filling the group with other dps members to ensure the group gets lock, and have them drop before it dies if they’re from the same faction of the boss.


When we did the Reaver boss, we were short on dps in the group that needed the kill and added in other dps to ensure the group got the lock.

When we did the Lich boss, we were short at first on reaver people who needed the kill or had the quest. They filled the group with others to ensure the group got the lock.

In both cases, some of the people in the groups were from the same faction as the boss. They dropped group before the boss died and weren’t penalized by losing faction points.

Everyone outside of the main group should NOT group together. Unless they’re druids and tanks, for obvious reasons. This is to help make sure the people that need to complete the quest actually lock the boss and get the kill. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of killing the boss in the first place. If everyone outside of the main group grouped together, you run the risk of outlocking that group.

What will you need? Everything. Tank, dps, druids, dps, lures, dps, smoke and expose, dps (LOL not to overdo it, but dps is extremely important at these bosses, especially at Reaver)

Do they have adds or call for adds? No, thank god.

What are their respawn times? TBD, but right now it’s looking roughly like somewhere between 2-4 hours. (Other servers have reported spawn times in a little over 2 hours on forums, ours were over 3 hours but before the 4 hour mark)

Reaver Faction Boss

First, his location. You can get to him from either ley, but I have marked his location with a purple X on the map below.

Lx did a great job of explaining more or less how he works. He has an overall effect on your movement speed. This can be combated with potions bought in the Lich shop, available at tier 1 when you’re on friendly terms with them, and increase in potency as you rank up. Potions are non trade, so if you’re in the reaver faction helping at reaver boss, you just have to deal with moving slowly unfortunately.

The reaver boss does have some pretty harsh aoe, from what we’ve gathered, melee should position themselves behind him at all times when possible, and rangers and casters off to the sides at range.

The two biggest things with reaver: he moves a lot, and he has a pretty op shield when he hits around 30% health left. The moving around a lot can really break the raid. This is because typically we’re going to have/need people from reaver faction to help kill him, and they won’t be able to combat the effect on movement speed he does. When he moves, it’s from one side of his area to the other, and it’s a rather big area. This can seriously hurt the output of dps, meaning it can mean he rages, and/or that we don’t break his shield in time when it’s up, resulting in a reset.

Bashes can be extremely useful to help keep him in one spot. In the chat box it will say in orange that he begins to shuffle his feet and prepares to move. If we bash when that shows, it interrupts the movement, and he stays where he is. Is it as necessary as it is at gele? I don’t believe so. We managed to get him down before rage without bashes, but it certainly makes it a lot easier and cleaner, and a lot less problematic for those who can’t use potions from Lich shop.

His shield is the deal breaker. It will go up whether he’s raged or not, and you either break it or he resets. You have a limited amount of time to break it before he completes the ritual. When it goes up, you have to give it everything you’ve got. He is a chaos boss, so he does take divine damage. Use that to your advantage and save offhand skills for his shield or try to time them right so they’re ready to go at 30% health. Use arc rings if you can. Lixing is probably a must to beat rage and especially helpful for breaking the shield.

Lich Faction Boss

His location is marked by a purple X on the map below. You can get to him easily enough from the second ley, or palace ley.

Again, Lx did an amazing job explaining it. The Lich boss effects your attack speed. There is a potion in the reaver shop to combat this effect for those in the reaver faction. Available at tier one of the shop once you become friendly with the reavers, and increases in potency as you rank up and open the higher tiers of the shop. Lich people helping at this boss will just have to deal with the effects.

The two biggest things about the Lich boss: He casts this purple orb in various spots throughout the battle that does some serious damage if you don’t move away from it. He also casts a powerful curse that requires you to run into a green circle to avoid it. If everyone gets caught in the curse outside of this green circle, you will wipe and the boss will reset. You have a short amount of time to find the circle (it’s not always in the same spot), and need to stay in it until the curse ends.

Both of these casts will be signaled in the chat box in orange. The curse will be signaled by words about the boss gathering some godly power. When you see those words in orange, look for the green circle. It happens fast and you have maybe 5-7 seconds, if that, to get into the circle. It looks a lot like a druid heal as far as effect goes.

The purple orb is more easily spotted, and as soon as you see it, if you’re near it, move away as fast as you can. Like the reaver boss, Lich is a chaos boss. Use as much divine damage as you can. Lix is probably a must to beat rage.

Once either is killed, those who have/needed the quest may turn it in, and in return receive a treasure trove. You will always get 5k gold and the drop you need for the offhand upgrades (echo). It’s been verified by otm that the echos will ALWAYS drop from the weekly treasure troves. There are rings that seem to be consistent but I’m not 100% sure if you’ll always get one. As you’ve seen from some of those who have completed their quest, fashion charms also sometimes drop from these, random chests of arrows, and new mainhands are reported to be dropped as rare drops in them as well.

Again, some of this is what Lx already said in his post, but there were some details I felt needed to be added or included, so I just piggybacked off him and put this together. I hope it helps, and I’m sure there are other aspects or details I missed or don’t know about, that I’m sure others will add in themselves or pick up on as we go. All in all, these bosses are very fun to kill. They are challenging, even as we figure out what to do and when to do it, we still struggled to bring them down. But that made killing them all the more satisfying.

Correction. Lich boss rages at 15 mins. Reaver still at 10. Shop potions waaaay more important than most people think at either boss. Use the highest tier one you have access to

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