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Friday, June 22, 2018

Icemage Guide

Author: Sn0flake (Rosmerta, clan Forever)


After many ppl asked my to help them out on their build I decider to make a post for every mage our there. Even when u aren’t a icemage this post may help you too.

Let’s start with the stats

Focus, that the most important stat for a mage
it increases all your damage and even the energy shield.

Vit, after focus the second most important stat. I’m telling you the same thing I told a couple of ppl before too. You always decide yourself how much hp you wanna run around with. There is no ideal amount of hp a mage can have. Put as much points in vit as you need to be comfortable.
My tip here is skill as much vit as you need to survive, other points are going into focus.

Dex/Str, lets be honest we mages don’t need to talk about that. But Dex does help you to dodge some attacks. Which can be useful sometimes, but u shouldn’t put any point into it.


As icemage there are 5 skills you need and a 6. your lvl allowes your later in the game to max too.

The Key skills are:
Lure Of Ice
Ice shards
Ice blast
Ice attauntment
Energy shield

Skill order Attat->Lure->shards->blast->shield
Skill order explained fast.
Attauntment buffs both dps skills, same forthe lure. Then shards over blast cause less cooldown and cast time. Shield last cause we mages always look for more dmg 😊✌🏻

As 6. skill
You can choose later in the game once you lvled up a bit.
There are kinda 3 options you got now:

Assasin lure, boots the damage your team does (ranger, rouges and spear warrior will love you)😝
Kinda always needed at endgame bosses to makes other dps classes look better😅

Freeze, I won’t recommend you using freeze. The only thing where you need freeze is at gele for Xtals.

Firebolt, i know i wrote icemage guide but now we came to my secret tip for you icemages our there. Once you can afford using 6 skills, try out firebolt
There are quite some pieces of gear which you can use without losing ice dps. At nearly ever boss we have firelure and then your firebolt becomes another good dps skill for you. Nice to fill the time between your blast/shards.


Let’s start with the offhand.

Usually you wanna look out for a offhand with focus as main stat.
You can start off with a lvl 200 offhand follow by a DL/EDL offhand once you can grab it.
After reaching 215 and you got the EDL offhand there is another upgrade. 😯

This lovely book is the best for Icemages so far. There are 3 versions for mages +dmg firestorm +dmg shards -CD energy shield.
Your focus should be one the +dmg shards.


As mainhand you should be using a focus mainhand till you get your lovely DL mainhand or
A MODRIS book. The ideal version you can there is the void frost, it boots the focus and icemage( all you really want)
If you lvled up a bit you can now choose between 2 weapons. The first is a hrung recast iceshards skull (but I wouldn’t recommend you using it, cause you will get your cooldowns from braclets)
But still good to hotbar a skull.
The weapon you should get is a gele wand. There are 2 versions for us icemages +dmg Shards/+dmg blast. Then it’s on you which you want or can afford 🤔


Before I come to the details I have to say there are 3 build you can run as icemage.

The Tank mage, on this build you are using EDL amor for the hp buff you get from the set bonus.
You can combine this with a Helm from Modris, which won’t break your set bonus 🤗

The Damage mage, on this build we are using a combination of different pieces.
Starting wirh the Helm you want to get a hrung iceshards helm (best would be with focus)
Chest, (if you can get you should use a doch gul chest) otherwise you want to use the occult one.
+dmg firebolt +dmg iceshards
Gloves, +dmg iceshards (trust me occult gloves are even better then Doch gul)
Boots, +dmg firebolt
Legs, ancient beastbone +dmg iceblast

The Endgame Mage, this one has full doch gul, which won’t keep u alive much but does tons of damage. Lots of focus vit ice/fire magic and the sets adds up +dmg firebolt +dmg iceshards


Now we reached the most difficult part or the mage.

Ammy, the ammy you wanna look up for is the (Godly) Hoarfrost rivière ( focus vit ice magic)
If you strugle with skill points you can also use a Osam ammy (focus iceblast skillpoints icemagic)

Charm, there is only 1 charm you wanna get Hoarfrost Runestone ( iceblast dmg )

1x necral Band of ice shards (20/25/30% less cd on iceshards)
1x necral Band of iceblast (20/25/30% less CD on iceshards)
These two braclets are key for any icemage, there is no way on not having both your mail dps skills on less cooldown. Even 2x 20% recast will make a huge change to your dps outcome, your goal would be 2x 30%
One thing you can finish hotbar/Horswap a Modris +iceblast dmg braclet before casting blast swap with your iceshards recast. After casting blast reswap with shards cd brac and cast shards.


With choosing Ring you should looking for straight up +dmg on shards/blast ideal for this slot are gele ring. For lower lvl‘a there are silverweb rings of iceshards(+dmg iceshards)
Another good rings are the Necro one (focus vit icemagic)
At royal+ those rings are extremely good and good to have if u can’t get gele rings right now.

2 important rings which u shouldn’t forget are

Prot lure rings, those should be hotswaped too (not used permanently) to boost your lure before casted to 50/50.
Alchemical ring of ice attauntment/Event ring with ice attauntment (osan for example) this ring is really important cause there is a difference between 300-400 dmg from lvl 45 att till lvl 50 att
Which means u will miss 300-400 dmg on shards and 300-400 dmg on blast if u aren’t hotswapping this ring.
Same for the lure ring.
With a bit of practice I’m sure everyone of you can get Into the hortbar/hotswap thing 👍🏻


As pet you want a lovely rabbit

The main reason is, it’s had tons of focus, that’s it
The heal when casting the skill is nice to have too and don’t forget the energy regen out of fight which comes with casting the skill.
Extremely nice for lover lvls (hp heal with cast, energy regen per tick out of fight)

If you were really lucky or just have too much gold you can buy a dragon which is obvious better than the rabbit.
U lose the heal per skill but you get all 4 basic stats boosted and even your crit will benefit from it.


I have to say as mage ( you don’t got much hp 😯)
To sit on top of a mount isn’t the best idea u can have.
If u still decide to do that you should be looking for a elk.
This mount has a good amount of focus and vit.

This is my first guide so feel free to write down anything which I forgot or which comes into your mind down in the comments.

Sn0wflake ❄️✌🏻

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