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Friday, July 13, 2018

Brief notes on Corrupted Gardens quests

Brief notes on Corrupted Gardens quests
Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

(*) means repeatable.
=> means opens up the next quest.


-> vine quest to collect barbs for potions against Bloodthorn (*)

-> flower quest (*)
=> creeper quest (kill x creepers)
=> creeper quest (collect thorns) (*)
=> talk to warden arlan to start faction quests.

Faction Quests

-> ossified shards (available once factions open. Collect 10 shards from 1*, 2*) (*)
=> ossified chunks (collect 10 chunks available from 3*, 4*) (*)

-> ossified heartstone (available at faction 2. Find the chest holding it near the enemy boss)
=> kill enemy leader in the otherworld
=> talk to your faction second in command
=> find your faction leader on the eastern path
=> kill 10 saboteurs/ wards (**)
=> perform ritual - this means equipping the item to get the ritual skill (its jewellery) the casting the skill on the obelisk.

-> at faction 3 you can buy a ritual object (shatterstone) from the faction shop, and return it to warden arlan. He gives you more quests :
=> kill blackstones till you get the missives
=> kill the blackstone dark harvester and get a poison sample
=> kill 15 blackstones and 3 obelisks(*)
=> go to your faction leader to get bonefall weekly quest (***)

(**) The saboteur/ward is the faction daily
(***) this gets you on the weekly quest!!

Killing the faction rivals gives faction points and is not diluted by grouping. But at level 1 it reduces, at level 2 the 1* and 2* don’t give points and at level 3 the 3* stop giving points.

They still drop shards and chunks (which obviously are diluted when grouping) so as you get higher, my view is that the quests are more important than farming. I was struggling with the grind until I pushed through the questline and after that it was easier. It feels like the road to faction 4 for many will be daily and weekly quests rather than intensive farming.


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