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Monday, July 2, 2018

Corrupted Gardens: Quick Lich boss guide

The Lich Boss
Author: Xanadu (Rosmerta)

Okay, let's admit it. The lich boss can be a pain. We have an earlier lengthy tutorial in the band (much of this is there too). But I would like to suggest something to you. Done properly, the lich boss is easier than the "all or nothing" reaver boss. It's just about spreading out and moving when you need to. You just need to follow three tl;dr rules.

1) orbs - run away from them! She casts one (three in rage) and they sap you with divine damage.

2) shroud/cooties - she casts a purple shroud on one member of the raid at a time. If you get the shroud, you won't be damaged. You're just killing everyone near you. Run away (back off the boss until the shroud disappears...unless you're the tank obviously)! If the person with the shroud is near you, you will start to see damage that looks like an antique icon appear above you. If you do, look for the shrouded player and move away from them!

3) circle - at 75, 50, and 25 you will see a text that says she's casting an incantation in yellow. Look for it! When that happens a "pocket of energy" text will follow and the green circle will appear. Run to it! The boss will wipe anyone not in the circle which raises the possibility that the lock group could wipe.

Three simple things to look for distilled into easy bite size.

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