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Friday, July 6, 2018

Damage Guide Part 3 - Damage Types

Damage Guide Part 3 - Damage Types
Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

A brief Taalia’s tips on damage types. 3rd part of my dps series.

All damage is not equal! There are the three physical types:


And six elemental types:


Let’s take each in turn

Pierce is the most common physical form.
Rogue daggers, ranger bows, warrior and locker spears, all do pierce.

Bosses tend to have a high resistance to pierce, especially raid bosses. This means pierce lure (Assassins’ Lure) is not a luxury, its a necessity. Most mages carry it as without it many bosses would be untenable.

Slash and Crush

These are largely (but not entirely) the domain of dps warriors. Axes, swords and hammers. Some bosses have lower resistance to these damage types than pierce, which is the dps warrior’s strength. They hit slowly but with great effect.

The problem is lures. Lure of Giants and lure of soldiers are rarely carried. Forever has many dedicated support mages; I know of only one that carries these lures.

The answer is the warrior skill shatter, which reduces armour (pierce, slash and crush). It’s short duration, but multiple warriors alternating shatter and using crushing or slashing damage can be very impressive.

Chaos we’ll ignore as only enemies use it.

Divine only works on chaos bosses (with one known exception). As DL, EDL, 6 star frozen and all raid bosses are chaos bosses, divine works at most of the bosses that matter.

For those bosses there is no resistance. Maximising divine damage landing on target is the way to get locks and kills.

It isn’t great for levelling (except chaos boss add rooms, like the 210 library or the 200 Dobby room). Nor for legacies (except garanak).
Poison used to be a super weapon, like divine damage. It isn’t always that way now, but it’s still very good in certain situations. It effects most “living” targets. It is unresisted by creatures in carrowmore, including sreng, snorri and mordris. It works on legacies (also largely carrowmore). It works but to lesser effect in the tower. Necro is immune.
Fire, Ice

Mages using these will almost always have Lure and attuning. Fire or Ice or both lures are often present so these damage types are usually very effective.

Vulnerability depends on the type of creature:

Fire dragons are vulnerable to ice. (This goes for mord too - but divine and poison are better choices as they are unresisted).

Monoliths are vulnerable to fire.

Necro is vulnerable to fire (but again divine is better).

Alchemical creatures (including Gron and Dobby) are vulnerable to fire.

Summoning creatures (including Cragskor 205 and whatever we call 210) are vulnerable to ice. Ice mages lock 205 and 210.

Creatures in Forbidden and Arcane are vulnerable to magic.

This includes 215 Unox, Proteus and Gelebron, but again for these chaos bosses, divine works better.

Ring bosses are immune to divine (they’re non chaos) so lock battles are decided by dps druids first, mages second, physical dps third.

The problem with magic damage type is the casters that use it (druids) don’t have lures. And mages don’t use magic type, so they will only carry the lure as support. Like slash and crush, there is almost no gear to boost magic lure and so therefore it’s rarely carried.

Lured fire and ice is better than unlured magic, even in arcane, though if you have magic lure the results are dramatic.

Choose your dragon wisely!! as Xanadu says 😊

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