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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

EDL Quest Bosses : Raid Guide

EDL Quest Bosses : Raid Guide
Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

EDL Quest bosses spawn on regular timers with 10 minute windows, and drop components needed for quest armour and weapons. They come in 4,5 and 6 star flavours.

  • 4 star placeholders. These should be killed immediately to keep the spawn rate high and to keep timers.
  • 5 stars. These should be killed immediately too.
    • Every 5 star in the game can be killed by 2 characters. 3 with ease. It is possible to solo them too - I’ve seen 195.5 solo’d. On other servers all have been solo’d. Don’t leave them up. No need to set a time. Just attack! Be aggressive! Unless you are the only person on, there’s no need to let them stand.
  • Six stars.
    • These usually need a team of about 8 but can be done with less. The lower the boss the less characters are needed.
    • All have a “storm of chaos” area attack of chaos damage. Wear full quest armour if you have it.
    • All are very vulnerable to divine damage.

Tips for each:

** 215.6 (unox mindrenderer) **

- Forbidden Halls

This is a priority boss and must be destroyed on spawn. Do not leave these to the opposition.

This big eyeball has 2 special attacks:

- Magic Vortex, an area magic attack. To keep rangers and mages out of range of this, always tank from the corner. Not the middle side. Right in the far corner.

Magic ward is very useful.

- Optic Ray, a ranged attack which it will use to pick off rangers and casters - be careful using offhand as the extra damage attracts this counter attack. Make sure you are on full health as a ranger before triggering offhand skill so you can survive this.

Adds can be tanked but we are often better killing them. They are nasty little eyeballs and can wreck an attack if they aren’t controlled.

Unox can be effectively kited on rage.

This drops parts needed for EDL weapons.

** 210.6 (Revenant) **

- Summoning Chambers

He is a big hulking melee fighter.

His special defence is a cloak of fire. Make sure you use health lix or have druid natures breath or sanctuary for the dps teams.

My favourite tank spot is the corner. He can be easily kited around the room on rage, but watch the turning points.

The adds can be easily tanked. Better to tank than kill as they can menace druids, rangers and mages on spawn and a strong tank can hold 6 adds no trouble.

Vulnerable to ice; ice mages should be used for locking.

This occasionally drops a weapon part but usually armour. All others drop armour parts.

** 205.6 (cragskor - or “birdie” as in “birdie pie!”) **

- Summoning Chambers

Birdie pie is all about positioning; it’s a good one to try advanced tanking on. There are four adds who will heal the birdie. If you stay to the front of the room only 2 adds will be activated - these should be killed and then rekilled when they respawn.

The room causes constant damage unless you use a pink pot. The annoying feature with pots is the effect ends with death - so it’s important not to let the dps teams get killed, as that costs a fortune in pots.

Pull birdie so it’s not on the steps but right at the bottom of them. From that position it can be attacked by heroes at the top of the steps who do not need to use a pink pot. Do not only have characters at the top of the steps - birdie will reset if they are the only ones left - but some casters and rangers should stay back.

Vulnerable to ice. Ice mages should be used for locking.

Birdie has 2 attacks:

- Flame blast, an area fire attack : tanks should use shield wall or resilience to block it. Dps should stay to the sides of the birdie but not too far into the room where back adds are triggered.

- Wing slash, a melee attack.

Birdie can be tanked without a druid using sig heals.

** 200.6 (Krothur the condemned - or “Dobby”)

- Alchemical Quarters

Dobby is in a large circular room. He is a strong melee fighter. Former clans stayed away from him as he can be dangerous. But his strictly melee nature makes him a fun boss. He uses a number of potions both to heal and cause damage to his target:

-Aqua Regia. As the name implies, massive poison damage. Tanks should shield wall to survive.
-Aqua Fortis. Poison weapon. Can be interrupted with shield bash or freeze.
-Aqua Vitae. Healing

He also calls his adds so they are impossible to tank and should be killed.

There are two styles of attack:

“Tank and Spank”. Tank should stand in the doorway. Casters and rangers can stand behind in the corridor. Not too far back as that picks up imps outside the room. When we were a weaker clan Dobby really needed 2 druids to tank but he can be done cleanly with one now.

“Ring a Roses”. Kite Dobby around the room. This can be done on rage or from the start. Rangers can sit in the middle of the room and shoot at him wherever he is while the tank circles the room keeping Dobby just out of reach.

Vulnerable to fire.

** 195.6 General Gron **

- Alchemical Quarters

Another melee boss. Easy and fun. His room degrades armour unless you use a blue pot.

Can be tanked to the side of the room or kited up and down.

Vulnerable to fire.

** 190.6 Magister Skath (eewww) **

- Infernal Armouries

Not popular as he’s a tough boss as well as dropping very low priority items.

Kill all the adds. His adds are very intrusive. He also uses very irritating freeze spells.

As a caster he cannot be kited, but winds and entangle are useful.

** 185.6 onyx (doggie) **

- Bridge of Despair

Melee, easy, drops items needed for gloves only. Kill adds.

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