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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Efnisien the Necromancer : Raid Guide

Efnisien the Necromancer : Raid Guide
Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

* Overview *

This raid requires a force of about 20. It can be done with less but starts getting tricky. It needs certain specialised roles and coordination, essentially to tease apart the enemy's overlapping attacks and isolate them. The most important of these being necro's lifesteal and the ghosts.

-- The battlefield

Necro sits at the edge of a square in murky vaults. There are two bridges, one in (the zombie bridge) and one out which goes nowhere (the ghost bridge).

* The Enemy *

-- The boss.
Efnisien has a number of attacks. He uses an ice spell which is of limited range as his main auto, and hits hard. He casts various area of effect skills, one of which, lifesteal, is critical to understand if you're to master the tactics of the raid.

Necro has a very short tether. He will not move outside the central square and will lose aggro once you're about a third a way up the zombie bridge, which makes him easy to reset.

He is an icy creature, and is vulnerable to fire attacks more than ice. He is a chaos boss so divine damage is good. He is entirely immune to poison. His pierce resist is very high- magic, fire and divine are ideal.

He rages in 20 minutes.

-- The acolytes.
These 5 stars cast a necral shield onto Necro which resists all damage. They must be destroyed ahead of trying to kill Necro, and again immediately destroyed when they respawn.

-- The ghosts
Ghosts start behind Necro on the ghost bridge. Ghosts cast freezing spells which disrupt attacks, cause energy drain and hit hard with slashing blows. They are immune to all damage except divine and certain skill based attacks. Their most dangerous feature is that they will try and move toward necro, and he can absorb them to heal.

-- Skeletal guardians and zombies
Skeletal guardians spawn in the central square, zombies on the first bridge. These lesser swarming adds can be a menace to druids, casters and other dps on the bridge and need to be controlled during the battle.

* The heroes! *

-- Tank Team
Necro can be tanked by any end game tank or hybrid tank. It does not need a supertanker. Ideally elemental or chaos resisting gear should be used (edl shield or gold shield if you don't have it, stonebark set). But general purpose gear is sufficient.

The tank should be supported by one or two Druids. Midlevel druids can be effective on the main tank if she's strong enough. See "no run" for the ideal build, but again don't reskill for main tank druiding; unless raging, necro can be held with general purpose druid skills and gear.

-- Ghost team
1-2 tanks
At least one Druid - put your strongest or single boxed druid here. They will need to move and react.
1-2 rogues with EDL offhand or DL offhand.

Ghost team needs to be reactive and alert. Boxers on ghosts need to give ghosts focus. A weaker ghost team can be supported by divine damage rangers or Mages who have EDL and DL offhand, who attack Necro but switch to help a beleaguered ghost team.

-- Dps Teams

Contact dps should be of high enough level that they can contribute to the damage net of lifesteal. Midlevels should stay in the Z team. A support rogue is necessary: Necro needs smoke and expose at all times.

-- No-Run team.
If you have a "no-run druid" a group can be built of contact dps that does not need to avoid lifesteal.

The skills needed for a no run druid are:
Sanctuary with recast brace, ideally 30%
Ice ward

Rangers should not join the no run group.

-- Rangers
Ideally they should be able to be at maximum shooting range away from necro but also be able to fire on the ghost bridge if needed. Either corner of the square on the ghost bridge side is good - I recommend moving to where the fives stand (once they're dead!) after the raid starts.

-- Mages, ideally fire but ice are effective also. Dps druids are very effective.
Lures are a must at necro.
Ice wards are helpful.

-- Z-team
Level 170-180 should stay on the first bridge and kill zombies, protecting the Druids. Dead Druids mean a dead tank which means a loose necro which means a healed necro and having to restart.

The z-team is important! It's a critical part of the battle. If you perform this role you'll be helping much more than if you try to attack necro (do less damage than he takes back with lifesteal).

* The raid *

The raid is dominated by lifesteal and ghosts. These determine the battle

-- Lifesteal

Necro announces his lifesteal in orange. He "begins to drain to life from his surroundings". Watch for this!! He says other things in orange - you need to see the right one. And run.

About 5 seconds later he lifesteals from everyone around him, adding the damage caused to his health. You need to be out of range. The loss to your character is less important than the heal. If hundreds of heroes are mobbing him, he'll heal right back any damage lost. And his heal is aggressive and fast. I've seen a loose necro go from a sliver of health at less than 1% to 30% in under a minute.

When he announces - you RUN.

Rogues and contact dps need to MOVE. Battle mounts or travel lix can help. Mages too. Mage range attacks are within lifesteal. Rangers can stay out - but watch positioning. It's not far beyond range and if necro moves you can get caught.

Equally important is getting back in contact as soon as lifesteal strikes. Don't hang around! Every second out of contact is zero dps.

If you're lucky enough to be in a special "no run" group - just hang on tight.

-- Ghosts.

Ghosts will heal necro if they get close to him. The ghost team has to hold the ghosts and destroy them. Unlike other creatures these will stop attacking targets after a while and move relentlessly toward necro. You must keep the ghosts and necro apart!

Ghost tanks need warcry and taunt and pull pull pull the ghosts back away from necro. The ghosts can only be killed by divine damage. Stay near the bottom of the ghost bridge. Other divine damage users should redirect attacks onto loose ghosts.

-- Starting the battle

Clear the first bridge of zombies and set everyone in position. Ghost team on ghost bridge. Rangers in their spots. Everyone else on the first bridge.

The tank starts. She pokes necro or the fives and gets aggro from all 3. She runs back until aggro is shaken and necro resets.

Necro resets about a third of the way up the main bridge.

While she does this the dps attack the fives. Try not to use area of effect which catch necro. If you do, stay dead or log out.

When both fives are dead the tank pulls necro over to the other side of the square and holds him there. Druids stay on the bridge and heal. Everyone attacks.

-- Killing necro.

Necro has high defence. He needs smoke bomb on permanently. He has high resists. He needs lures permanently. Get expose weakness on to get those skills to land - the support rogue is critical.

The dps attack and run to avoid lifesteal. Mages attack and run to avoid lifesteal. Mage edl offhand can help with lose ghosts. Rangers stay outside range and watch for loose ghosts or adds.

Ghost team battles the ghosts. If there are lulls the ghost team can run over to help bash or poke necro.

If fives respawn in the battle kill them immediately.

-- Rage

If necro rages he can be held with a strong tank and multiple druids. If he gets loose use bolas or roots or entangle. A raging necro can be a desperate battle - but it was our speciality when we founded Forever. Don't be frightened of it. Keep fighting. Take him down.

Rosmerta Forever!


Necro Raid: An addendum for mages
Author: Xanadu (Rosmerta)

Taalia has a very detailed necro guid under #taaliastips that everyone should read, but here's a little additional tip for mages.

Mages, where's the best place to be for necro? Well, for a long time mages would hang out with the rangers in the corner, move up to cast skills, then walk back to the rangers when necro's life steal warning came up.

But lately, we have been having issues with ghost control. Ghosts are funny because they really only take divine damage (and some skills), so traditional thinking has been tank them or for ghost group rogues kill them over time with divine weapon damage.

But we discovered something over the past few weeks (thanks to a suggestion by a leader). Mages with a dl or edl offhand are the secret ghost support. Instead of just standing in the corner, once the tank has moved necro to the front of the necro square for the kill (and only once the tank has done this), move to where the back bridge meets necro's square, near his spawn spot. Nuke on necro, but rather than using your divine dl or edl offhand nuke on necro, turn around and hit a ghost with the offhand nuke. It will take out 1/4 of the ghost's health. It isn't evadable and isn't resistable. The ghost group will thank you.

Then turn back and continue to nuke necro moving back to the rear bridge-necro square meeting whenever the life steal warning appears.

While this may be difficult for some multiboxers, if you are single boxing a mage, it is pretty easy to make the change. Try it at the next necro and help the ghost group out!

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