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Monday, July 9, 2018

Locking for beginners (part 3) - Rolling Attacks

Locking for beginners (part 3) - Rolling Attacks

Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

Once lock is achieved, you can relax, right? All over? Say “gf” and crack on with killing the boss like it’s a peacetime raid?


There are two things you need to think of. Maintaining lock, and what else is out there.

Lock is a property of the group. Once a group has lock it keeps it, even if members of the group leave or new ones join. There is one circumstance in which a group loses lock - if every member of it is dead. If a group wipes but the boss is still engaged, lock battles begin again. If there are other groups who have stayed alive and done damage before, lock will pass to them.

This presents both threats and opportunities.

The threat: some bosses do huge damage to everyone in the area. Mordris is an example. At 20% health or so she blasts everyone in the area with a fire attack. If your lock group is flimsy dps and no one evades, you could be wiped, losing lock.

The solution if the opposition are still around: after you’ve gained lock, one member of the lock group drops group and you put a tank in. This has saved our bacon on more than one occasion.

The opportunity. As well as dropping to make room for tanks or druids to defend lock, dps can peel away to form a new lock group, leaving the lock they’ve won to toons holding at the boss. Freeing them to attack a different target.

This means once you have lock many or all of your top dps can be rolled onto the next target. This is especially important on resets (and was critical during “carrowmore carnage”)

On resets in the past we would lock mord, detach a team leaving lock with the tank and race the lockers to prot to get ahead of the opposition. Midlevels would help down mord while the top dps would be rolling their attack on to the next target.

Today we did similarly:

We took Skain 6, but after lock detached a handful of toons to cover 215. Ours!

After locking Prime, we sent people to help with 180.5. Ours.

Simultaneously attacking 2 bosses at once rolling the spearhead dps from target to target.

Forever Rosmerta!


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