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Friday, July 6, 2018

Mordris : Raid Guide

Mordris : Raid Guide
Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

** Overview **

Mordris is a great red dragon in the bowels of carrowmore. She is a mid level raid boss , level 190, and a full raiding party of end game characters can destroy her with little attention to tactics.

But very occasionally she drops incredibly rare high value items. And her usual drops are critical for up and coming mid levels in the clan. She is a priority target. Which means she needs to be taken as soon as spotted and not left to any opposition. And if you find yourself with a party of less than 10, you can still do it. But it's then you need to pay attention to the tactics.
** The enemy **

-- Mordris is a big red dragon. Her auto attack is slash damage. She has the following skill attacks:

- Fingal's Bane. Area chaos attack, which is negated by DL or EDL armour - but for those casters using occult parts, this can be dangerous. Use quest armour sets!

- Tearing Claws: reduces the target's maximum health.

- Chaos Rend: chaos damage on an individual target.

- Dragon fire: fire damage in area and damage over time.

When she gets to low health, she casts two skills:

- Cloak of Chaos: this causes chaos damage to each attacker, on each auto that hits her.

-Inferno: 10k fire area damage to all around her. This can be a decider, it can easily wipe out a lock group, causing lock to switch. To prevent kill stealing if rivals remain in the area, it's worth putting a spare tank into the lock group to prevent wipe. On a small team raid it can be worth putting your main tank into lock group later in the battle. This has saved us on at least one occasion.

Mordris will rage in 20 mins.
--Priestess of the Morrigan. She's a six star boss in her own right.

She will heal mord and must be destroyed or tanked away from mordris. She casts a number of very powerful heals and curses.

The curses include curse of chains, which reduces attack speed (like entangle) and curse of roots. Keep rangers at maximum distance on autos to avoid curse of chains.

She attacks with both area poison and area chaos attacks.

-- Deepfire sentinels. These 4 five star trolls are vanilla melee fighters, but they're tough and should be destroyed before they kill dps or support teams.

-- Trolls. Mord's cave is full of ordinary non chaos trolls. Mordris will call for help, and these trolls will run over and start killing druids. Druid protection and add control is a key part of the mord raid.

--Little dragons. These are mostly an annoyance but they worth keeping down as they can interrupt skill attacks or kill unprotected druids or mages.

** The heroes! **

Mord has been killed by Forever with a team of nine.

- Tank team. Mord puts out a lot of damage, but any end game tank should be able to hold her. You will need two druids, or a single super druid with the right wards (fire, slash). Additional tanks should be ready to take trolls or priestess.

- Support: like all raid bosses mord is easier with smoke (reduce her defence), expose( reduce her evades) , and weakened with entangle (reduce her attack speed) and winds (reduce her attack). Lures naturally.

Mordris is vulnerable to divine damage like all chaos bosses, but also to poison: those expensive bloodthorn sets are very useful here. Rogue poison weapon skill is helpful- if you have it apply to as many comrades as possible.

** The raid **

- Starting:

On Rosmerta mord is usually done by killing the adds rather than tanking them. First, get aggro by hitting a troll. All the enemy will come running. Who ever hit first (usually the tank) runs up the hill to shake off aggro and reset mord. Before they do, dps hit as many trolls as they can. Get 2-3 at a time. The same with priestess. Be careful not to hit mord. Once all adds are cleared then the main raid begins.

- Positioning:

Our usual position is to have dps all around mord. Druids stand to the side of the tank (not behind, or they'll get roasted by fireballs).

Other warriors should be either near the tail to pick up priestess spawn or the head to help defend druids.

Rangers and mages should position so they can fire on mord and quickly move to fire in druid protection or onto spawning adds.


Don't be too over optimistic about the progress of a mord raid - unless you overwhelm her quickly you will get a priestess and sentinel respawn during the raid. Sometimes you can get 2 respawns. When trolls and priestess respawn they must be destroyed immediately. If possible pull priestess away from mord. Killing these adds is necessary but takes time. Everyone should focus on this, leaving only the tank and druids to stay on mord. Every second priestess is up means more heals, and she heals mord quickly.

- End raid.

Watch for the inferno attack. If mord rages, she can be bolas'd. Bashing works well, she doesn't have particularly difficult movement evades.

** Alternative plans **

if priestess is held at the far west she can be tanked separately, while mord is pulled forward to the east. This puts mord out of healing range. Priestess is dangerous, so the add tank will need a druid, but it makes for a smoother raid. Typically however if we have enough spare forces to do this, we also have enough to crush mord quickly.


The key with mord is less the dragon but focused and disciplined add control. Keep the adds down and her treasures are yours.

Rosmerta Forever!


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