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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Taalia's Tank Tips - Dogs

Taalia's Tank Tips - Dogs
Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

Tanks. You know what's it like; standing in front of a boss. All eyes on you, everyone waiting to start, impatiently fingering their daggers. You taunt - and the boss evades.

You're standing there waving and calling 'chase me, necro, chase me!' in your best coquettish voice and he's just ignoring you, leaving you looking like a complete lemon.

So the only way to get him to follow you is to go and poke him with a spear. Putting you well out of position for the pull. Or is it?

A dog is a tank girl's best friend!

Yes your trusty hound adds a little bit of vit. But if you give him a bone he can bite! Forget the defence effect or the minuscule damage - what's so great is it's a *ranged* attack. Longer range than taunt, by far. And it always hits.

A great big Doberman or a little yappy lap dog can be equally effective. A dog bite sends the boss running over to you, where you can start bashing, poking or (politely) taunting from the position you want.

It works well collecting adds when you're off-tanking too. Brings them over to where you are, where you can start building up the aggro.

So start your next tank run with your faithful dog at your heels.

Cry, havoc! And let slip the dogs of war.


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