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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Taalia's Tips: Timers!

Taalia's Tips: Timers!
Author: Taalia( Rosmerta)

Timing bosses.

Frozen, DL and EDL bosses have fixed periods between spawns. The instant they are killed a spawn window is set a few hours ahead - how far ahead is fixed according to each boss. That window is 10 minutes long and the new boss will spawn at some point in that 10 minutes.

It is important we know when that window is.


1. So we can kill it quickly and increase the rate of drops.

Kills give us drops. The highest possible rate of drop acquisition is if each boss is killed the instant it spawns. Every moment of time a boss is up and not killed pushes back the time the *next* boss spawns. We can't shorten the down time, that's coded into the game. But we can control the up time - by bringing the bosses down as soon as they spawn. That means knowing when they're spawning.

2. So we get it, and not someone else.

When other clans visit areas with quest bosses the sight I want them to see is ... nothing. Not a boss they can think about mustering for. Not the possibility of drops for their clan if only they gathered or levelled. I want them to see nothing. A desolate wasteland sprayed with graffiti saying 'Rosmerta Forever!'

If we don't time the spawn someone else may find the boss before us and start getting ideas.
3. Because camping is boring.

If another clan takes a quest boss and we don't know when it was downed, we just have to sit and wait for it.

There are ways to work out when it might have been killed and not waste time unnecessarily, but the further in the past the last recorded information on a kill is, the less precise it is. Eventually you just have to park a character and wait. Sooooooo booooring.
If this needs to be done - try to have some friends to chat to (this is a sociable game - the chat can get very risqué!) or try levelling in the area. If you're high level, invite lower level people to come and level there, and then help them while you 'camp'. 200,210,215 rooms are great for that.
How to time bosses?
The instant you kill a boss, have someone post the kill in our timers chat groups.

If you see another clan kill a boss, post it straight away.

Try not to delay too much. If it's going to take ages to write a big timer at least post the kill and follow up with names. We time to the minute and timers like '180 killed 10 minutes ago' are much better than nothing but are harder to read and usually inaccurate compared to a timer posted the instant of a kill.

Getting the record of kills so points are awarded is important. But do think of those entries as timers! Accuracy and precision mean more kills and more gear!

Some veteran players summarise the timers and publish the upcoming times for all spawn windows. This is super useful. Thank you to those players!

We have separate chat groups for DL/EDL ('Boss Timers') and Frozen ('Frozen Bossing') and If you do have to refer to times, use Eastern Standard Time and watch out for daylight savings.

Which timers are most important?

This is the priority list in order:

...Everything else...


215 has a long spawn time - 2h20. It is also the only boss that drops parts for the EDL weapons, our most critical quest gear.

Lava/Stone have 3 hour spawn windows. High levels can solo the 6 star lava and stone - they're easy bosses to take. But also very very hard to recover, if the timer is lost. Please don't lose it.

180 spawns every 1h50 but is the key to DL weapons. If you want weapons, you need to dominate 180. And unlike 215 and the Forbidden Halls, there are a lot of people around 180 in Carrowmore. Get there on time.

What to do if you know the timers?

Nathan Bedford Forrest was an American Civil War general with very very reactionary social views (I *really* don't think he'd like me...). He was once asked by a journalist what his secret to winning battles was. He answered 'get there first with the most men'.

Read the timers and think about travel time. 180 and 215 are a long way from the nearest leys.

Get there early. Not too early, giving your position away, but ahead of the timer. Assume the timer was a few minutes late.

Bring enough people to take the 5 star if you can. More is better. If a 4 star spawns then at least you're guaranteed lock. Attack en masse. Flood the area.

Afterwards, if there's no opposition around, clear the area. Don't give the timer away needlessly.

If you can't attack en masse, then at least show up on time - fight for lock, and post the timer whether you win or lose. If you lose a battle, having an accurate timer gives us the best chance next time. Our coverage is round the clock, follow the sun, so give the people just signing on the best possible start when you sign out - a full page of timers.

We are the dominant clan but we cement that position and keep the gear flowing by keeping on top of timers. If everybody does a few timers and chases the ones that are due when they're on, we have enough people to keep the bosses down and keep gearing at the maximum rate without putting strain on our campers.

Good luck out there!

Rosmerta Forever!


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