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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Travel Lix is great!

Travel Lix. What a waste, eh? Get annoyed when your chest gives you a yellow crate of travels? No use for those? Wrong! Those much underrated travels can give you the edge!
1. Mordris.

Need to zip from your dps spot back up to the Druid group, to clear those adds? Travel lix gives you wings!

Are you the second tank, feeling like a fifth wheel? Run to the tail in record time to grab a spawning priestess or troll!

2. Necro.

Are you in a run group? No room with Garnet? Tired of the exhausting slog back up the bridge and down again when you really want to be poking necro with your new dagger? Travel lix! Out of life steal and then back in contact in a flash! Get that dps on Efnisien and off the bridge.

Ghost team standing around waiting like lemons? Worried if you leave your post to help with the boss you'll miss a ghost or end up walking straight into the lifesteal? Travel lix! Down the ghost, saunter over to shield bash necro with a swish in your step and zip back before your Druid knows you've gone!

3. Proteus

Rotor blades getting you down? Dance around the big guy with a travel lix. More dps, less playing musical statues. Tanks switching sides to kite a rancorous rampant raging robot? Need to get back quickly to bash repairs? Travel lix!

4. Gelebron

"Reset north adds!" I found glass of travel lix made it a breeze to get away from those adds at just the moment our wonderful dps were on the south side. Went down very smoothly.

So get yourself some of the yellow bubbly from the Wim vineyards and give it a go! Cheers!


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