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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What should I farm? - Gold Farming Guide

You've probably run out of money before, and you need to get some quick cash. What should you do to get gold? This guide will tell you what you should farm to get money.

Minor Alchemical Vials

Level 170 - Bridge of Despair
The Occult Armour quest is needed by almost everyone. You need 30 vials of each type to get the Occult Armour. While each vial is sought after and can sell for a good amount, Minor Vials from the Bridge of Despair zone are the rarest because everyone levels up too quick, or levels up in Carrowmore, and skips the Bridge of Despair. This makes Minor Vials the most rare and the most expensive. They are semi-rare to drop but if you can farm them it will be worth your while.

Read this guide to learn more about the Occult Armour quests

Grand Bone Shards

Level 150 - Carrowmore Tunnels (Black Boggan Room)
Similar to the Occult Armour Quest, the Beastbone and Ancient Beastbone Armour quests in Carrowmore Tunnels are in demand by players. The Black Boggan room is usually skipped, or bypassed quickly by players. This means that Grand Bone Shards are in demand. If you can farm these you will be able to get some real money. But be advised, these drops are semi-rare like alchemical vials.

Read this guide to learn more about the Beastbone Armour quests 

Carrowmore Money Bosses

Level 100 to 180 - Carrowmore Tunnels
In many of the caves in Carrowmore Tunnels money bosses appear occasionally. If you can farm these, you will be able to get some good coin, plus some decent rings.
Tip: If you multibox, group up to get even more money from the group bonus!

Here are maps where you can find each money boss:

Read this guide to learn more about the Carrowmore Money Bosses

Runes of Summoning

Level 120-136 - Otherworld (Fortress Outskirts)
Less sought after, but still wanted are the Runes of Summoning dropped by Blackstone mobs in the Otherworld outside the Fortress Outskirts across the bridge. These are quest items that are needed for the onyx/obsidian armour quest. They are wanted because people usually skip this quest enirely, but it is still a good source of income if you can get them. Farm the Fortress Outskirts across the bridge to get them as a semi-rare drop.

Read this guide to learn more about the Onyx/Obsidian Armour quests

Kelpie Horns

Level 100 - Otherworld swamps
There is another repeatable quest in the Otherworld that will help you level up quick if you have the items. Kelpies drop horns that cna be turned in as a repeatable quest to get quick XP. If you farm these and sell them, you can get some quick gold.

Cargo Chests

Cargo Chests are laying all around the sewers, and are needed by high level players for boss fights. 

These chests are used in the quest located at the Aldington Company camp in the sewers, to make Smuggler's Tonic. This tonic is the only thing that will remove the Withering Pox debuff cast by Coppinger the Cruel, and Hrungnir

To make some money off Smuggler's Tonic, go around the sewer collecting these chests. High level players either don't have the time to collect them before a fight, or just forget to. You can sell the tonic to high level players and make some pretty decent cash. 

I would estimate each chest being worth 50-100g, which would make one Tonic worth 250-500g. 

To find the location of all the chests in the sewers, check out my cargo chest guide located here:

Hunter's Remains

Hunter's Remains are used in the Hunter's Pledge Quest. They are important because 9 of them will get you a Bounty Pledge. This Pledge allows you to do more than 2 bounties a day (up to 6 max). You can get these Bounty Pledges and sell them to other players. I have seen them sell for 1,000 gold each or more.

Hawkhurst Chests

Level 90 - Murky Vaults in Carack the Twisted's Room
Hawkhurst Chests can be opened to give out Hawkhurst fashion. You can farm these and sell them  to others. the reason they sell well is that people don't want to take the time to farm them. YOu can farm them, and then sell for a good amount of money.

Cooking Materials

Level 1 to ??? - Lir's Reach around Highshore Village
There aren't a lot of farming opportunities in Shalemont or Stonevale, so we go back to Lir's Reach to farm at... farms! If you can gather up a decent amout of oats, barley, wheat, and lentils from the fields around Highshore Village for free, and you can sell them for gold. The reason why you can sell them is that higher level people want to level up their cooking ability but don't want to take the time to gather the materials.

Read this guide to learn more about Cooking basics
Read this guide to see the level 1 to 170 cooking guide

Corrupted Blossoms

Corrupted Blossoms do not work to level up anymoe, and therefore aren't in demand anymore. This was a bug that was fixed in a patch. Do not farm blossoms anymore.

Level 180 - Corrupted Gardens
When you get to level 180 you can get into the Corrupted Gardens. There is a repeatable quest there to collect 5 corrupted blossoms, and you can level up from level 180 to 200 using just this quest! So do you level up, or sell them. These are the most desired items right now, and sell for a good amount. It's like getting 200 gold every 5 seconds if you gather them from one spot.

Quest Name: Prickly Plants
NPC: Warden Aisling
Location: Warden Encampment Leystone
Description: Warden Aisling has asked you to speak with Warden Ciaran and help in discovering how the Corrupted Gardens became so ruined and lifeless.
Step 1: Find and speak with Warden Ciaran in the Corrupted Gardens
Step 2: Collect 5 Corrupted Blossoms growing in the Corrupted Gardens. They can be found growing around the Ruined Temple just North of the Warden Encampment
Step 3: Return 5 Corrupted Blossoms to Warden Ciaran in the Corrupted Gardens.

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