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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Deviljho's DPS Warrior Leveling Guide - Gear and Stats explained!

Author: Deviljho (Rosmerta)

What Does It Mean to be a Warrior?

    Warriors are one of the main reasons for a clan’s success. They can sit for hours on end in front of a boss and be a punching bag, however, this doesn’t mean they cannot dish out just as much damage.

I’m Leveling a Warrior, What Do I Need to Do?

    As a warrior, you can put out a substantial amount of leveling. You are one of the best classes to solo lix.

Every time you level up, your build should be a 3 to 2 strength vit build. (Meaning you put 3 points in strength and 2 in vit.)  I ran this build until I was around 300 vitality. (This will also depends on the kind of gear you are running. You might be able to put less in vitality.) Afterwards I dropped all of my points into strength. 

I Understand How to Build a Warrior, but what kind of gear do I need to run to level?

    As a lower level warrior you are limited on the type of gear you are able to run. 

LEVELS 1-119

Rings- run skill based rings that’ll increase shatter, pummel, rupture and giant swing. 

Braces and charms- at this level there really aren’t any fantastic braces to run. 

Necklaces- I would run a hero ammy until level 150, unless you are able to afford a better level 90/100 lux ammy beforehand. 

As you begin to level up more options are available to you. 

LEVELS 120-179

Rings- I would run 2 aggy damage rings (can swap one for a comrack/jalan ring) with a haste ring (reaper if you can) and a skill based ring, whether it’s legacy or not. 

Bracelets- run two braces that benefit your build. Say you are you blunt weapons. Try to snag yourself an aggy brace that’ll increase blunt weapon ability, strength and a dps skill. At the very least try attempt to achieve two of those. 

Charms- there still are not too many available that will help you tremendously. I would suggest running a Jalan/Comrack charm that increases strength/vit and attack, a damage charm from legacies or a legacy recast charm. 

Necklaces- upon achieving level 150 you can now equip Wyldshrine Amulets. I would suggest running a Wyldshrine Amulet of the Sun or Mountain. (These come at an expensive price) if you cannot afford these ammies, I suggest trying to run a comrack/jalan bloodthorn, bladeleaf or stormleaf set. 


Rings- begin running necro rings if they’re available. Also spider rings that add to pummel are worth it. When you’re 190 I suggest focusing on a gara/skain set, knab yourself a blade or storm ring. Do not run a haste anymore. At this point you should be able to afford haste lixes to use. This will allow you to add more damage to your build doing this.  

Braces- grab yourself hrung heat damage that add damage attack and melee combat. 
You can also run necro recast braces for pummel or rupture. I do not suggest running for any other skills. 
Gele braces that add magic damage and additives to axe ability along with points for rupture and frenzy. (This is the best dps brace to run)

Charms- you can run either a gara/skain storm or blade charm or you can run a silverweb charm that adds strength and points for pummel and giant swing. 

Necklaces- 200 runic ammy or a gara/skain storm/blade ammy to complete your set. 

What Should My DPS Set Up Look Like?

    While being over-looked sometimes, dps warriors are strong and can put out some serious damage. 

To find the right build for your dps warrior you just need to rest out builds with your gear to figure out what suits you best. Always run a little bit of vitality to keep from dying, but the majority of your stat points should be wasted into strength if not all of them. (Do not run dps build until end game)

Some of the gear you should be running in a dps warrior build should look like this:

With items similar to this you’ll have an insane warrior build in no time. Your stats will look like this. 

Quick Addition:

As a warrior, shatter is a must have for solo leveling. Also slash and crush lure are a warriors best friend. While spears are great weapons to have, they have become obsolete at end game being replaced by gelebron axes and Exalted Dragon Lord Sword. While many thing edl sword is terrible to have, corrupted gardens offhand allows you to use rupture with any weapon, so this allows to get the proc from edl weapon along with rupture’s dot. 

If you have any questions please ask me, as I wrote this while extremely tired and may seem confusing. 



Q:Would you recommend a mordy spear for leveling at 180?
A: It’s really just preference, you can use a spear, but I’d use the 180 axe from shop. Just because there really aren’t any weapons better than end game gele axes. Running a sword is kinda pointless until you can get the corrupted gardens axe off hand, but can be deadly now

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