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Monday, August 20, 2018

Level up 180 to 200 COMPLETELY FREE using Corrupted Blossoms!

Did you know that you could level up completely free at level 180?

At level 180 you can enter the Corrupted Gardens. One of the first quests that you get will be to collect five Corrupted Blossoms. This is a repeatable quest that you can do over and over to reach level 200. That's right, this quest will give you good XP up to level 200!

And not only are these blossoms free to collect, you will actually MAKE MONEY leveling up, because you get money from completing the quest!
  • It takes about 11,000 blossoms to go from level 180 to 200
    • 180-190 is about 4230 blossoms
    • Level 180-181 is about 360 blossoms. It increases on average 15 per level after that.
    • 194-195 is about 600 blossoms
  • After level 200, it will take over 2000 blossoms per level. 
    • At level 205 350 blossoms is one bar, so about 3,500 to get to 206
  • If you maintain control over all flower spots, you could farm 11,000 blossoms in about 10-12 hours of straight farming.

Quest Name: Prickly Plants
NPC: Warden Aisling
Location: Warden Encampment Leystone
Description: Warden Aisling has asked you to speak with Warden Ciaran and help in discovering how the Corrupted Gardens became so ruined and lifeless.
Step 1: Find and speak with Warden Ciaran in the Corrupted Gardens
Step 2: Collect 5 Corrupted Blossoms growing in the Corrupted Gardens. They can be found growing around the Ruined Temple just North of the Warden Encampment
Step 3: Return 5 Corrupted Blossoms to Warden Ciaran in the Corrupted Gardens.

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