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Friday, May 10, 2019

Dhiothu Raid Guide (Dino new boss)

Taalia's Tips - Dhiothu Raid Guide

Author: Taalia (Rosmerta)

The new boss has been nicknamed Dino as she has an unpronounceable name a bit like Dinosaur, and frankly looks a bit Dinosaury.

Be under no illusions: Dino is the hardest boss yet. It will be very difficult to defeat. It cannot be crushed by numbers. But the rewards will definitely be worth the effort.

These are my notes from beta. I’ll continually update them, and they may not be accurate for the live Dino. (UPDATED since posting on neg energy, thank you Graced )

First observation: this is a divine boss, not chaos. Your divine damage and chaos resist are useless.

It will rage, like a chaos boss, and it casts a lure that can make you vulnerable to its divine attacks. So quest line gear with divine attributes won’t help. As yet there is no corresponding chaos gear available.

The key element here is magic. Dino does heaps of magic damage, but is also vulnerable to magic. So Doch Gul rogues and dps druids will have a clear advantages in causing hits on the boss, however all classes are necessary to defeat it. An unbalanced team will struggle.

Gele weapons are good here, use them instead of EDL mainhands. CG offhands are still useful as they add to Gele weapon skills and have other useful attributes.

Dino is essentially stationary, with a short tether but wide aggro range. It is just possible to aggro 5 star adds without aggroing the boss.

Dino 4 star adds.

These are tough little blighters. There are 4 near the entrance and one each on either side. They cast both magic damage over time and a magic lure so they cannot be tanked without a Druid healing and warding. We haven’t found a way to suppress the lure.

Unlike prot robots you can’t gather all the 4 stars without aggroing the boss. If you want to add-tank them all you need to hold the boss, gather up to the two adds next to the boss, and pull to the add tank, then reset the boss.

An alternative is to add tank just the ones at the entrance and kill the two near the boss, but this obviously takes dps and time away from the boss, which is hard enough on its own.

We think the adds will rage

5 star bomb adds.

There are two 5 star adds with glowing balls around them. These are suicide bomb adds. They self destruct with huge area of effect, then die. They are very weak doing little damage and dying quickly (if you have the right type of attack), but some 20 seconds after being aggro’d they detonate.

The coloured ball is a shield. Only one type of damage can pass the shield. The shields are random, but by the end of beta there was always one elemental and one physical shield. At the end of beta there were 4 types of shield: fire, ice, pierce and slash.

For fire and ice mages should blast them. Pierce, the rangers and rogues. But for slash only dps warriors (with axe and sword) will do.

In beta we tried different techniques :

  1. Suicide tank drags the add far out to the side so it blows away from everyone, taking out the tank but sparing the dps. Only works on the west side.
  2. Dps in the raid just hit it when it spawns. You need to be certain you call it out and everyone is listening so the right dps attack it quickly. You need to move fast and not be effected by negative energy (see below)
  3. Add Tank pulls it away from the boss and dps kill it as above.
  4. Dedicated warriors to kill the slash and pierce ones. 2 Doch gul warriors with hotswapped axes and spears can pull and kill the adds.

You can evade the detonation (it is warding / spell evasion). And the damage output is variable. If it is low, at around 50k damage, it is possible for a top tank to survive. At high damage, around 300k, no one can survive. The only certain way of avoiding it is killing the add first. Bless is a useful druid skill to help evade.


When dino is aggro’d she launches glowing orbs, a bit like the orbs at the lich faction boss. They move in what Xanadu described as a “pac man” like shape. They go in a circle, clockwise, around Dino, then zoom into the centre and back out again at an angle a little further on.

If they hit you you get an effect called ‘negative energy’, which lasts at least 10 seconds. When under negative energy your attacks heal the enemy, rather than hurt it, and hurt you. Avoiding this is key to the raid; if only a few people get this and keep attacking, the boss gets healed and you get wiped. It effects both skills and autos.

Dino has a much smaller “hit box” than mordris. At mordi all the rogues stand around mord stabbing the air. At Dino they have to get right under her to hit, which is where the orbs go when they zoom in to the centre of the pac man mouth. When they are on the outside they hit mages and rangers.

We have discovered no way to counter the orbs other than avoiding them.

As you cannot run and simultaneously attack or cast in Celtic Heroes this means very careful timing.

Updated: Negative energy turns heals into damage, so if the druid or the tank get negative energy any heal spells will quickly kill. A negative energy Druid can wipe out her own dps team with Breath. Even your own bunny heals will kill you!

The main tank has to dodge in and out of the orbs in order to stay healed. The Druid spell Rescue can pull a tank clear


Dino casts a number of spells, including slowing movement, healing, and a divine damage lure. These can be bashed - the heal needs to be bashed every 60 seconds like Bloodthorn regrowth.

Dino slashes with claws and teeth, and breathes a magical fire.

There is a divine aura - I’m not entirely sure what that does. We didn’t get far enough to trigger it on the later versions In beta.


The last Dino ability is teleport: she cannot be overcome with numbers alone. If there are more than a certain fixed number of people attacking her, she will teleport those doing the least damage away. We think that number is 30. The teleport is based on aggro, so tanks and healing druids should be fine, but those doing little damage may find themselves teleported out.

If you are teleported out you end up at a random ley in lirs, but not the north peninsula one. You have to ley back to north peninsula then run back to the battle.

This means to take on Dino you need all the right parts in your team. You need fire and ice mages. You need slash damage warriors. You need pierce damage rangers. Otherwise the bomb adds will kill you. You need tanks for adds, and for the boss. You need healing druids but also dps druids. You need rogues, ideally DG rogues, to do damage. And you need strong characters as numbers won’t work.


It drops braces and weapons that are comparable and largely better than Gele equivalents, including cooldown types. They are a step up on what we currently have. The weapons deal magic damage which are helpful vs dino. The crucial feature which is new is they are combinable. If you have two identical Royal tier items you can combine them to make an Imperial and so on. It is believed (but no one has seen yet) that even the Godly tiers can be combined into some kind of premium item.


Dino needs all roles to be filled, and it will be difficult to improvise gaps. Dino will punish multi-boxers and afk-ers. They will likely get teleported out. Everyone needs to look, listen and move. Travel lix at all times. There will be ways of countering some of the special attacks that we don’t know yet. The only way to crack the puzzle is to try. The drops will make it worth our while. And you don’t have to farm for pots!

Dinosaur Roar!


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