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Friday, June 19, 2020

Carrowmore Tunnels Guide

This is a guide to Carrowmore Tunnels. There is a lot to do here, and you will be spending a lot of time in this zone, and coming back often. You could argue that besides the castle and tavern it's the zone where most people are.


You will be leveling in this area from levels 90 to 180. See the link to the leveling guide below to find out where you should be leveling up to get maximum experience


This is a map of Carrowmore with all boss spawns on it. It's a little cluttered, so please use the links below the map to get maps that are more specific and detailed to what you need.

Dragonlord Armor and Weapons Quest

The Dragonlord (DL) quest line is one that will consume most of your time here, and throughout your play time in Celtic Heroes. If you are in a dominant clan, you will get most competition on these bosses. If you are in a competition clan, this is where you will be competing most.

Beastbone Armour

Before you are able to get Dragonlord, you will probably be spending your time farming bone shards to craft your Beastbone Armour set. This is armour that you can get for free by grinding.

Legacy Bosses

There are a number of legacy bosses in Carrowmore Tunnels. The most sought after gear comes from Garanak, Skain, and Urchaid. The other ones drop okay gear, and some drop gear that is just for collecting (Ymir). See the map above for legacy boss spawns.


The big endgame boss in this zone, Mordris drops some of the best gear here, including helmets. See the helmet guide below.

Luxury Shops

There are two luxury shops in this zone, level 100 and level 150. You will have to do quests to open up each one.

Skill Tomes

Certain skill tomes and rings drop in this zone. They are random from different mobs, althouigh rings drop from money bosses.
These skills will drop in Carrowmore:

Carrowmore Tunnels
Sharpen Weapons
Life Steal
Shield Wall
Fire Attunement
Energy Harvest
Double Shot
Ice Attunement
Expose Weakness

And that's it! Good luck on your journey through Carrowmore!

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