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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Fishing Leveling Guide 1-190 and beyond!

This is a complete guide on where to fish at every level so that you can level up from level 1 all the way to level 190.

Before we begin, here is my original video on where to fish levels 1-110. This guide moves beyond that, taking you to the locations where you can reach the max level.

You should also understand what fishing is before we begin. Click here to take a look at a tutorial guide to what fishing is before you start leveling up.

Lir's Reach

First you start off in Lir's Reach at the pier, and start doing the quests there. Follow the map to see where to level up.

Heroes Landing

Your journey continues... backwards to Heroes Landing. Yes, that one where you first started out. 

Shalemont Ravine

Next go to Shalemont where you can pick up a new quest for a fishing ring.


Stonevale is next, and you will stay here until level 109.

Fingal's Cave

Head to the Twisted Tunnels leystone to begin your journey into Fingal's Cave. Get comfortable, because you will be staying here for 40 levels.


Your stay in the Otherworld will be brief, and good thing. I found it to be the most challenging place to fish at because you have to stand so far above the river, and the green water looks a lot like fishing spots.

Dunskeig Sewer

Next is the sewers. These levels were challenging because the spots spawn slow, and they are spread out. If you get past this part, it gets easier on the next zone.

Murky Vaults

a is easy to fish in. Spots spawn frequently, and you don't have to run too far to get to them. You're in the home stretch to 180. Don't give up now!

180 and Beyond!

You made it! Now you can start your quest for the Hand of Nodens Rod, and get to level 190 so that you can get the top tier fishing bear pet.
There are three spots you can fish in that spawn fishing holes level 180-189:
  • Lir's Reach - Beach East of the Northern Peninsula Leystone
  • Carrowmore Tunnel - Fishing icon on the map. It's the room next to Despoiler.
  • Fingal's Cave - Next to island in the middle of Loch Dorca
Each of these spots has its pros and cons, and some people prefer one over the other. Try them all out and see what you like the best. Thanks for reading, and good luck on your journey!

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