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Friday, July 17, 2020

FAQ: Recap of the last couple years

There have been a few changes that happened over the past couple years. Based off of that, I will do a Q&A from a forum post that popped up recently.

What are the new pet skills and stats?
Dragons - Dragon Eggs
Best DPS Pet

Festive Reindeer - Magical Bells
Best Tanking/Leveling pet

Seedlings - Corrupted Seeds
Best group melee DPS pet

Phoenixes - Phoenix Eggs
Second best DPS pet for casters

Bears - Relics
Fishing Pet

A few other pets have been added too. Here is a list of all of them:
What changed about shop chests, fashion tokens, etc? I see the fashion vendor frozen at fashion that was sold 3-4 years ago?
What changed with chests is that there are no new fashion sets at the moment. The last one was created a year ago in spring 2019. Right now, chests have fashion and mounts that are "aeon" fashions from years ago. They have been changing them seasonally (so winter chests have fashion sets from winter 2017, 2018, 2019, etc.)

Tokens have been the same for some time. No new fashion sets or costumes have been created for the token shops in years.

What is the Gargant gladiator? Who is he? What's the purpose of killing him? Does he drop anything? What's the arena's purpose now?
The arena is cross server now. Meaning that people from all servers can PVP there now in an open arena just like before, but now with more people. You can see what server a person is from because it is annotated next to their name.

Gargant is an arena boss that was asked for by players, but the rewards are not great. He used to drop bounty bags that were full of tokens. He would drop 3 bags to people. But lately every time that I have killed him he drops nothing.

Over Halloween 2019 there used to be a witch boss in the arena protected by monoliths, and the witch dropped Dhiothu loot. However, a lot of servers gave up on it because of people PVPing during the boss, and the fact that Epona was so overpowered that they dominated the arena. That boss has been taken out, with no indication of whether or not she will return.

Why is the tavern full of other server people? What's the purpose again?
The tavern was also made cross-server at player's request. Because people used to hang out in the arena to just talk, they wanted to have an area to talk in. The Tavern is used for cooking, 1v1 PVP, and cross-server chatting. Trading between servers is not allowed. There are also a number of lowbie quests in the tavern.

What are factions? What's the advantage or disadvantages of joining one or another for a class? Is there some specific rule, or none?
There are no specific rules to joining factions. The only real rule is that if you are a warrior planning on tanking with garden lux rings, then you should do Lich. Other than that, feel free to do whatever faction you want.

The basics are: if you want to be friends with Liches, kill Reavers. If you want to be friends with Reavers, kill Liches.

So there are new items in game. Where do I find a seasonal summary of everything added by update?
There is really not a seasonal summary of what's been put into the game, because there haven't been regular seasonal events. Some have been seasonal, some have just been patches. The last few fashion sets have been:
- Demonheart (effect spectral green fire)
- Oni (effect lightning with big ball wheel)
- Scoithniamh- (effect flowers)

There have been other rare drop items put into the game. There is a partial list of them and where you can get them here:

What is the highest level fishing attainable?
There is no hard cap for fishing levels, so some people have gone beyond 200. But the highest level fishing mob is 189.
You will want to level up for two reasons:
- Level 190 you can get the top tier 6 fishing bear
- Level 200 you can get white and black fashion using golden noden tokens (say that 3 times fast).

What is the highest cooking level?
There is no hard cap for cooking levels, so some people have gone beyond 200. But the highest level cooking recipe is 190. Level 1-180 recipes can be obtained by doing the normal cooking quests. If you want to go higher than that, you need to use high level fishing recipes, or rare recipes that drop from cooking bosses.

What is this new hat quest?
The new hat quests lead you around the world killing imp mobs. You collect the items and turn them in for a non-effect color hat. Rarely, they will drop a special item that you use to craft an effect hat. If you can't get the rare item to drop, then you can turn in 1000 of the regular items to get one of the special ones. The red effect hat needs 5 of them, and the number goes up from there.

Yule 2019 Hat guide coming soon

What's the use of crushed candy?
Crushed Candy are items that are dropped from imp mobs for the seasonal Yule 2019 event, that has lasted well into July 2020. You can use them to cook rare seasonal recipes.

Collect 1 Crushed Candy Cane and talk to Gel Fiorun in the Tavern
Sun King Soup - need Broth in inventory
Spiced Beef - need Roast Beef in inventory
Yule Cookies - need Shortbread in inventory
Yule Roast - need Boar Roast in inventory
Rice Pudding - need Sweet Porridge in inventory
Yule Cake - need Fruitcake in inventory

Why are announcements for resets in Bangkok time? 
The change was made on May 29, 2018 when the One Thumb Mobile office what shut down, and all development moved to the Virtual Realms studio in Bangkok. One Thumb mobile still owns Celtic Heroes, and is the publisher of the game. Virtual Realms is the developer. But because the studio is based in Bangkok, server resets will be done according to their local time.

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