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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Festive Reindeer Pet Guide

This is a complete guide to Festive Reindeer pets. There is only one kind of this pet, but there is a lot to know about it. So keep reading!

How do I get one?

  • Festive Reindeer can be purchased from Sedric the Pet Vendor in Farcrag Castle using Magical Bells.
  • You get Magical Bells from seasonal mystery chests. They are a jackpot item so they are rare.
  • Magical Bells are trade-able, so you can buy them from other players or from the auction house
  • Magical Bells show up as tokens in your inventory.

How do I upgrade one?

Once you buy the first one from Sedric, you upade them at Elva the Pet Breeder next to him.
You upgrade by handing Elva 1 Magical Bell, and 1 of the previous tier reindeer.

What are the stats for the Reindeer?

Reindeer are billed as a leveling pet, because of the boost to the Scholar ability (higher chance of lucky xp). However, it is also a good tanking pet due to the tanking stats, and the shield skill.
Festive Reindeer Stats Protect Stat
Size Lvl Str Vit Fort/Will Scholar
Tiny 0 20 20 150 200
Small 40 40 40 300 400
Medium 80 80 80 450 600
Large 120 120 120 600 800
Huge 160 180 180 750 1000
Giant 200 240 240 1000 1500

How do I increase my Reindeer taming ability?

Do the Reindeer Taming quest from Druid Robina, and then start using your pet ability.

What are the pet abilities?

Polar Shield - The skill heals you, and shields you from damage.

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