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Druids are the healing class in Celtic Heroes. A Druid's healing spells have the potential to be more powerful than any health-restoring skills the other classes can use. Damage spells are also good, but attacks are considerably weaker than those of the melee classes. Also armor is roughly 1/3 warriors, and 1/2 rogues and rangers. Armor is the same as mages. This results in more time needed for leveling, at least for solo-oriented Druids. For much of the game's content, the most efficient way to level is by grouping with one or more members of the damage-oriented classes. The slower leveling and reliance on other players to group with is rewarded at higher levels: A well-played Druid is a welcomed member of any leveling or boss party (even parties that are 50 or more levels above the druid), and generally well respected (everyone likes to be healed!).
Druids have low armor and medium weapon damage. Damage output can range from low-good, depending on skill point allocation. Druid skills three main categories: Life restorative spells (including resurrection), buffs to reduce the damage a player receives, and damage spells. Additionally there are a few debuff-oriented spells that reduce monster attacks and even root them in place for short durations. Depending on how a player chooses to invest points in they want to be a healer, hybrid or a DPS druid.
Strategic selection of skills is particularly important for Druids in order to play successfully.
There are different druid abilities that can be learned in Celtic Heroes. Here's some general information about Abilities.
Armor and lux items, what to chose? Depending on your build choice, you will want to chose different gear for your druid.
Druids are healers of the game with low attack and light armor. Druids main strength is the ability to cast healing spells on themselves or other players.
Druids typically do not fight and are considered to be weak soloing classes. They do have a few damage spells that, if upgraded, can do serious damage to enemies but their energy cost relative to other classes is higher and they have long cool downs.
A Druid will not only heal other players but can also "buff" other players. Buffing is putting a skill or spell on yourself or another player which increases that players effectiveness by increasing their stats.
There are buffs to increase armour, hit points, resistances, and regeneration.
Druids are an underplayed class and are always in high demand for groups or boss fights. A good Druid should invest a small amount of platinum into the purchase of energy sigils to continuously replenish their energy while healing. Healing another player does not enter the Druid into combat so they get full energy regeneration while the group is fighting unless the Druid also attacks the enemy.
The Druid skills are as follows:
Abundance- Fill the target with a sense of the abundance of nature, increasing their maximum health by X.
Abundant Aura- Create a powerful aura of abundance, increasing the health of your target and group members within 6 meters by X.
Bark- Call upon nature to clad yourself or an ally in an armour of bark increasing armour by X for 2 minutes.
Bless- Grants the target a blessing from Belenus, increasing all their Skill Evasions by X for the next 3 minutes, making it easier to avoid hostile skills.
Calm- Surround the target ally in a calming aura, easing the enemy's anger towards them.
Energy Harvest- Transfer X energy from the target to yourself.
Grasping Roots- Call upon your Nature Magic ability to ensnare any enemy up to level X, stopping them from moving for 20 seconds.
Howling Wind- Use your Nature Magic ability to summon a howling wind that buffets your enemy, lowering their attack by X for 60 seconds.
Lightning Strike- Hurl a deadly bolt of lightning towards the enemy, dealing up to X magic damage.
Nature's Breath- Summon a gentle breath of nature that restores X health to all group members in an 8 meter radius.
Nature's Embrace- Call on nature to comfort an ally, recovering X health per tick, for 45 seconds.
Nature's Touch- Draw upon the power of your Nature Magic ability to heal yourself or an ally for X health.
Rescue- Teleport target ally below level X to your location. Rescued allies also regenerate X health per tick for 15 seconds.
Sanctuary- You summon a shield of glittering light to that protects all party members in range from up to X damage for the next 30 seconds.
Spring of Life- Call upon your nature magic to bring a fallen ally, of level X or lower back to life. Allies are revived with 1 hp, and will be healed for X after 5 seconds. Those revived by this spell do not suffer from the Curse of the Fallen.
Stinging Swarm- Summons a swarm of tiny, stinging insects that deal X poison damage per tick to all enemies within 4 meters of the target, for 20 seconds.
Storm Touch- Call the fury of nature upon an enemy that you touch, dealing up to X damage.
Strangling Vines- Use your Nature Magic ability to entwine your enemy in a thorny embrace, dealing up to X damage per tick for 30 seconds.
Ward of Assassins- Cast a magical Ward upon all group members within 6 meters of your target, increasing resistance to piercing damage by X.
Ward of Fire- Cast a magical Ward upon all group members within 6 meters of your target, increasing resistance to fire damage by X.
Ward of Giants- Cast a magical Ward upon all group members within 6 meters of your target, increasing resistance to crushing damage by X.
Ward of Ice- Cast a magical Ward upon all group members within 6 meters of your target, increasing resistance to cold damage by X.
Ward of Magic- Cast a magical Ward upon all group members within 6 meters of your target, increasing resistance to magic damage by X.
Ward of Soldiers- Cast a magical Ward upon all group members within 6 meters of your target, increasing resistance to slashing damage by X.

This table shows the energy usage for each Druid skill at each skill level.

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