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Legacy Boss - Lord Icefist

Event Guide: Yule 2011

Name: Lord Icefist
Level: 100
Stars: 6
Legacy Event: Yule 2011
Signature Drop: Winterking Weapons

Location 1 - Axe

Zone: Otherworld
Location: Path to Aggy cave, in front of red crystals on North wall under Aggy's statue
Spawn found by: Acid Burn/Fingal

Location 2 - Wand

Zone: Otherworld
Location: On hill just Southwest of Grommak
Spawn found by: Bitey/Arawn

Location 3 - Hammer

Zone: Otherworld
Location: Lava Wyvern area. Entrance to little alcove to the North,
Spawn found by: Plus3/Taranis

Location 4 - Spear

Zone: Otherworld
Location: Farthest South point, just West of Gelebron's tower leystone
Spawn found by: IInuyasha/Morrigan

Location 5 - Sword

Zone: Otherworld
Location: Just North of Rockalanche (where Jalan used to spawn during event)
Spawn found by: Bitey/Arawn

Location 6 - Totem

Zone: Otherworld
Location: Between Woodcrown and rock formation by Gelebron's Tower leystone
Spawn found by: Undead Rogue/Taranis

Location 7 - Totem

Zone: Otherworld
Location: Just South of Dominator spawn point
Spawn found by: Sneakalitia/Donn

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