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The mage class is built around dealing large amounts of damage with skills, but at the penalty of weak armor, low defense, and energy management issues. This is a tricky class to play, but if used correctly, can be the most powerful class of all.

Although powerful, it is recommended to have a mage for an alt rather than the first class you play, as a mage requires a good amount of experience to use properly.

The two core skills of the Mage is Firebolt and Ice Shards?, although you may choose to switch to others as your base later in the game to suit your play style. Mages have the largest library of skills of all the classes, making it fairly flexible depending on how you allocate skill points and experienced you are.

Among some of the things Mages bring to the table is a number of support skills most useful for boss fights, such as various lures, which decrease the target's resistance to a specific damage, Energy Boost, Cloak Of Fire, and Sacrifice?

Traditionally a low armor high DPS class that uses the elemental skills of Fire and Ice (cold).

After update 3 the mage is less DPS oriented and more health oriented with the widespread use of the energy shield skill.

While it is still possible to make a pure DPS mage, many mages in update 3 end up with average dps, health, and support skills to be able to solo level.

Each point of "Equipped Weight" (only things you are wearing) will decrease a mages energy by an amount. As weight goes up, it seems that less energy is subtracted for each point in weight so it is non linear. For example at weight = 5 it subtracts energy at 6.7 energy per point of weight, but at 15 weight, only an average of 5.26 energy is subtracted per point in weight.

Mage Guides:

Spell Description
Attunement, Fire You attune yourself to the element of Fire, improving the power of your Fire Bolt and Firestorm spells by X for 3 minutes. Casting this spell will cancel the effects of Ice Attunement.
Attunement, Ice You attune yourself to the element of Ice, improving the power of your Ice Shards and Ice Blast spells by X for 3 minutes. This spell cannot be cast while under the effects of Fire Attunement.
Cloak of Fire Use you Fire Magic ability to create a cloak of fire on yourself or another player, burning any enemies foolish enough to attack for up to X damage per tick, for 2 minutes.
Energy Boost Using your ice magic ability, boost the energy regeneration rate of the target player, regenerating X energy per tick for 45 seconds.
Energy Shield With the power of your ice magic ability, create a shield the protects you from up to X damage, for 90 seconds.
Energy Well Using your ice magic ability increase the total energy of the target player by X for five minutes.
Fire Bolt Use your Fire Magic ability to hurl a bolt of fire at your enemy, burning them with magical flames for up to X damage.
Firestorm You throw a flaming ball that explodes on impact, dealing X damage to the target and all enemies within 6 meters.
Freeze Use your ice magic to freeze an enemy level X or lower, preventing them from moving or performing any actions. The freeze breaks when the target takes damage.
Frostbite Sharply lowers the body temperature of your target, dealing X cold damage immediately, then X cold damage every tick for 30 seconds.
Ice Blast Summon an arctic gale to blast all enemies within 8 meters of your target, dealing X cold damage to each.
Ice Shards Use your ice magic ability to project deadly shards of ice which slam into your opponent, causing up to X cold damage.
Incinerate Use your fire magic to summon searing hot magical flames, burning your target foe for up to X damage per tick over 20 seconds.
Lure of Assassins Reduce the piercing resistance of the target enemy by X.
Lure of Fire Reduce the fire resistance of the target enemy by X.
Lure of Giants Reduce the crushing resistance of the target enemy by X.
Lure of Ice Reduce the cold resistance of the target enemy by X.
Lure of Magic Reduce the magic resistance of the target enemy by X.
Lure of Soldiers Reduce the slashing resistance of the target enemy by X.
Sacrifice Sacrifice your own health and transmute it into pure magical energy. This grants X energy to yourself or a target ally at the cost of X health.

This table shows the energy usage for each Mage skill at each skill level.

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