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Skill Description
Barbed Shot Perform a bow attack that leaves a barbed arrow stuck in your enemy, causing X damage every 5 seconds, for 15 seconds. This skill can only be used when you have a bow equipped. Adds the damage and delay of your equipped weapon.
Bolas Use your Ranged Combat ability to tangle your enemy with a weighted rope, slowing the movement of an enemy up to level X for 30 seconds.
Camouflage Camouflage yourself or an ally, reducing the range which enemies up to level X will spot you.
Conceal Cloak yourself, and group members within 6 meters, in a shroud of concealment, reducing the range at which enemies up to level X can spot your group.
Defensive Spikes Equip your target, and all group members within 4 meters, with sharpened wooden spikes that pierce enemies that attack them for up to X damage. The target must be in your group.
Double Shot Fire to arrows in a single bow shot, dealing double damage that cannot miss or ve evaded. Opponets above level X will only take normal damage.
Entangle Entangle your enemies level X or lower in a fine net, slowing their attack speed to half the normal speed, greatly reducing the damage they can do.
Explosive Arrow Fire an flame-tipped arrow coated in oil that explodes on contact with its target, dealing up to X damage to all enemy within 6 meters. Requires bow.
Light Heal Use your first aid ability to quickly heal yourself or an ally for X health.
Longshot Fire a powerful shot that deals up to X damage, and can pin the opponent to the spot if they are below level X. You must be at least 6 meters away from your target to use this skill, in order to build up enough momentum. Requires a bow to use.
Rapid Shot Concentrate your mind to speed up your bow or spear attacks. The more skill points the longer the effect lasts.
Sharp Shot Fire a quick, long ranged shot that deals X damage to your target.
Sharpen Weapons Quickly sharpen the weapons of allies within 6 meters, increasing the damage of all targets by X for 120 seconds.
Steady Aim Draw upon your Ranged Combat ability to increase the accuracy and damage of all your attacks . Lasts for 120 seconds.

This table shows the energy usage for each Ranger skill at each skill level.

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