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Rogues are one of the five character classes, that players may pick at registration.

Rogue's attacks are based on quick powerful attacks and stealth attacks. Currently there are no rogue long-ranged attacks and they use Daggers? or Spears? as their weapon of choice, however, spears are generally passed up by most classes in favor of each classes's exclusive weapon. Some more exotic builds include the 'Fist Build', the 'Knuckle-Blade build' and the rare 'Poisoner build'.

This class competes with mages for the class with the most damage per second (or Dps), with mages being the traditional hard hitters.

Rogues are the most DPS oriented class in Celtic heroes, a rogue's roll is to deal a lot of damage quickly A traditional rogue build will be heavy strength, medium vitality, low to mid dexterity, and low focus A rogue needs to avoid being hit by bosses as much as possible, they do not have sufficient armor to act as a "tank" Rogues are the hardest melee class to solo play as they have low (melee wise) armor and low heals, however, playing a rogue is one of the most rewarding melee classes

To easily level a Rogue, i recommend a fire mage, or, if you have survivability problems, a druid. When leveling with Casters, Rogues do need to be able to take damage, so having a good amount of points in Fast Reflexes for defense, and vitality for health. Alternately, the philosophy, ' if you don't get hit, you dont need health' works. This involves having as much defense and dexterity as possible. This is rare, and most rogues choose a more conventional build.

Rogue Guides:

The Rogue skills are as follows:
Poison weapon - add poison dmg to weap.
Fast reflex - add defence, increase chance to dodge.
Quick strike - dmg.
Rend - dmg + short damage over time (DoT).
Sneaky attack - use when you don't have the mob's aggro, lots of dmg.
Assassinate - use when mob is 30% health or lower, lots of dmg.
Life steal - dmg and heal yourself via amount of dmg done.
Hide - hide from mobs, like a short term invisible potion, mobs x level below you can't see you, increase skill to increase x, enter combat cancels it.
Play Dead - pretend you're dead, mobs x level below you will assume you're dead, increase skill to increase x, when ur under the effect you have 0 armor.
Distract - transfer aggro to other player when you have it.
Shadowstrike - teleport to mob and dmg.
Expose weakness - decrease mob's skill evasions.
Smoke bomb - decrease mob's defence, increase chance to hit.
Riposte - counter an enemy attack for 6 seconds.

This table shows the energy usage for each Rogue skill at each skill level.

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