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Warriors are tough melee fighters who aren't afraid of going toe-to-toe with the most fearsome of foes. They wear heavy armour which allows them to take a lot of damage. However, this leaves them with little energy for using skills.
Main attribute: Strength & Vitality

Warrior Guides

Skill Description
Defensive Formation You coordinate a defensive strategy, increasing the Defence of all group members in range by X for 2 minutes.
Enduring Guard Brace yourself to withstand incoming attacks, increasing your Skill Protection against physical damage by X.
Frenzy Go into a frenzy for 60 seconds, increasing your attack and melee damage. Using this skill will remove Protective Stance.
Giant Swing Attack with devastating force, dealing up to X damage. Adds the damage and delay of your equipped weapon.
Protective Stance Enter a protective stance to boost your armour by X for 90 seconds.
Pummel Pummel your enemy with a powerful hand to hand punch for up to X damage! Does not use your weapon damage or delay.
Rupture Use your axe or blunt weapon to land a blow so heavy that it deals up to X damage and causes internal bleeding for X extra damage per tick for the next 15 seconds. Requires axe and blunt weapon.
Shatter Smash through your opponent's guard, applying a X penalty to their armour rating for 10 seconds.
Shield Bash Bash your shield into the enemy doing X damage, making them more likely to attack you, and stunning them for 5 seconds if they are below level X.
Sheild Wall You focus on blocking incoming attacks, negating up to X damage for the next 5 seconds. Requires shield.
Sweeping Blow Attack using a huge sweeping arc, dealing X damage to your target and all other enemies within 4 meters. Adds the damage and delay of your equipped weapon.
Taunt Taunt your enemy making them more likely to attack you over other players.
Warcry Shout a threatening warcry which enrages all enemies within 8 meters of the target, making them more likely to attack you over others.

This table shows the energy usage for each Warrior skill at each skill level.

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